Great Theaters in Lyon

Lyon, France’s second-most important city, offers visitors a wealth of attractions. Whether you’re into art, food or history – Lyon truly has something to suit everyone.

For an unforgettable way to explore Lyon, consider attending one of its theaters. Many are open to the public so you can pick which one suits your interests best!

Musee des Confluences

Coop Himmelb(l)au’s avant-garde museum in Lyon is the crowning glory of Presqu’ile, a new neighbourhood overlooking the confluence of Saone and Rhone rivers. Its Deconstructivist architecture pays homage to these rivers coming together.

The Muse des Confluences strives to incite visitors with scientific knowledge. Rather than simply displaying items chronologically, it uses contextualized presentations that encourage dialogue between different disciplines.

This landmark science and humanities museum is situated at the southernmost tip of Presqu’ile, Lyon’s newest neighbourhood at the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers. Its striking design has become one of the city’s iconic landmarks, boasting over 2 million artifacts that cover all aspects of mankind’s history and evolution.

As part of an ambitious cultural initiative, Musee des Confluences has transformed its collections to reflect current trends and developments. Its expansive library has been enhanced through donations, acquisitions, archaeological digs and long-term loans – creating a 21st-century Cabinet of Curiosities.

This exhibition circuit explores the grandest universal questions, as well as humanity’s origin and destiny. Additionally, it showcases a diversity of cultures and civilizations through 2.2 million objects housed within its collections.

The Musee des Confluences is an incredible museum in itself, boasting its vast and eclectic collection. With its deconstructivist architecture and futuristic steel-and-glass transparent crystal display, visitors are transported into an awe-inspiring ambiance that inspires curiosity and awe.

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Since December 2014, the museum in Lyon has been a must-visit destination for those visiting France. Construction on this majestic structure took over ten years and is packed with incredible exhibits that will surely leave you in awe.

If you are planning a visit to the museum, be sure to explore their website for ticket prices and other useful details. You can even download a digital guide that will assist in planning your itinerary.

On your trip to Lyon, don’t miss the opportunity to climb the roof for a breathtaking view of the city. From Vieux Lyon’s pastel-coloured buildings and upside-down elephant in Fourviere square to stunning vistas of the Alps and beyond, take some time out to take in this incredible panorama.

The Opera House

The Opera House, or Opera National de Lyon, is one of Lyon’s most iconic structures and blends 18th-century architecture with modern elements. With its striking shape and impressive audio facilities, this landmark should not be missed when visiting Lyon.

Its initial form was a small theater built in 1756 by Jacques-Germain Soufflot – architect of the Pantheon in Paris. Unfortunately, it proved too small for the city’s needs and was eventually replaced with an even grander opera house designed by Antoine-Marie Chenavard and Jean-Marie Pollet in 1831.

The Opera House, home to the Opera National de Lyon, presents classical and contemporary music performances as well as ballet. Additionally, it hosts plays and recitals, with a peristyle extending around the outside of the building providing access to foyers.

In 1993, French architect Jean Nouvel transformed and renovated the building to meet the demands of today’s performing arts scene. This transformation included several changes that made it better suited for opera and ballet performances.

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First, he dug out underground levels to create more room for the theater and rehearsal rooms. Secondly, he added a steel and glass barrel vault ceiling that effectively doubled the height of the building – an efficient decision which allowed them to use extra space without needing additional construction.

In addition to the new auditorium, the building now houses rehearsal spaces and dressing rooms. It boasts a horseshoe-shaped theater built on six floors suspended from metal beams for superior acoustics.

Stage areas vary, including an oval-shaped main stage with five levels and a raked stage featuring two tiers and four levels. Furthermore, there is an orchestra pit which can accommodate various musical instruments.

The Opera also boasts a backstage area with scenery turntable and other storage rooms. Its acoustics are top-notch, often used for ballet performances.

La Maison de Guignol

The Maison de Guignol is one of Lyon’s iconic theaters, where you can watch a puppet show. With traditional scenery and great atmosphere, it makes for an enjoyable evening full of laughs and entertainment – ideal for taking kids on an enjoyable journey!

Guignol is an iconic character from Lyon and an emblematic representation of the “Parler Lyonnais” regional patois. His cheeky nature often serves to poke fun at figures of power while also conveying ordinary people’s grievances. A true son of Lyon, Guignol’s mischievous nature reflects both its stubborn independence and history of rebellion.

Visitors to Lyon must not miss a trip to the Maison de Guignol. Here, Laurent Mourguet created the iconic Guignol puppet at the start of the 19th century and it remains one of Lyon’s most beloved landmarks today.

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At the restaurant, you can watch a Guignol puppets show as well as other comedic one-man shows and plays performed by local comedians. These events provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about Lyon’s culture and its people.

You can explore Maison de Guignol on your own or with a tour guide. Booking an online guided tour is the cheapest option and guarantees you’ll meet an engaging guide who will share knowledge about both the museum and surrounding area.

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The Maison de Guignol is situated in the Saint-Paul district of Lyon’s Old Town, making it one of the city’s oldest areas and home to some of its most beloved attractions.