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Memorable activities in Texas

Memorable activities in Texas Certain places, features, vistas, and situations can make a travel experience in Texas most fulfilling and memorable. Texas has a vast geographical space, a diverse mixture of demographics, and multiple physical attractions that delight tourists and travelers across the state. Social activities in the various cities of Texas including entertainment and sports can make traveling particularly fascinating. Below are some of the most memorable activities for first-time and regular travelers in Texas.

  • Touring and shopping at the San Marcos Outlet malls is ever fulfilling and marvelous.
  •  The Premium and Tanger outlets offer attractive goods and services in all seasons.
  • Sampling the delights of the San Antonio River walk rejuvenates many travelers.
  • The physical attraction and the presence of shops and restaurants enthrall travelers.
  • Touring the Alamo building offers insights into the great history of Texas.
  • The Alamo is particularly significant due to the 1836 Battle of the Alamo.

Experiencing the Marvelous Sea World of Texas

Traveling across Texas remains incomplete without a stopover at the Sea World Saint Antonio. Texas is about the only place in the United States that features extremely fascinating marine shows that captivate travelers and travelers who find it unique and memorable. Travelers enjoy the thrilling rides in the water and the inexhaustible beauties of marine life. The flourishing marine tourism is particularly fulfilling during the festive months of Easter and Christmas. Some of the activities that enrich the Sea World experience include:

  • Onsite dining under the moonlight
  • Highly attractive exhibits
  •  Packages for vacation
  • Various forms of entertainment

The Fascinating Pedro Island National Seashore

The Padre Island National Seashore stands out as a geographical marvel that distinguishes Texas as one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The seashore is also famed as the longest of its kind in the world. One of the most significant geographical facts about the seashore is that it separates the Laguna Madre from the Gulf of Mexico. Travelers enjoy the picturesque features of the shore with many of them making frequent return tours at the place to savor the aesthetics of geography. Foreigners interested in touring the marvels of Texas must go through the ESTA clearance, which ascertains the eligibility of all entrants in the US. The automated system is highly efficient and reliable. Some specifics that enhance the natural beauties of the seashore are:

  • The seashore comprises of wind tidal flats, prairies, and dunes.
  • The seashore is among the very few natural homes of the Kemp’s sea turtle.
  • Nearly 400 species of birds feature around the seashore.
  • The seashore carries the historical significance of Spanish explorations.

Generally, a travel experience through Texas can be memorable by combining the manmade and natural attractions. The specifics would include visiting the famous places such as the islands, shoes, and places of historical significance while also mixing with the exuberance of Texas social life. The fun and merriment that mark the various cities’ nightlife adds to the memorability of the travel experience. Texas does not impose restrictions on touring many of these attractive sites even to foreigners as long as they are cleared by the ESTA system.

A Short Trip to Miami

Miami has always remained a fabulous destination to me. I always look forward to visit this fascinating place whenever I can. I find plenty of reasons to visit Miami – its weather, beaches and some of the awesome attractions here. I want to share my experience of a short trip to Miami which was made recently.

There are several ways to reach Miami from any part of the world as it is quite accessible. There are various international airlines that operate direct flights to Miami, such as British Airways, TAM, Airberlin, Virgin Atlantic, Iberia and many others. Being a native of the United States, I always take US Airways flights to Miami. There are other domestic carriers conducting flights to Miami like Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines and others. You won’t find it difficult to reach Miami from different parts of the world.


I made a brief, 48-hour trip to Miami. Your Miami flights will either land at Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, depending on the last minute flights you purchased. I, however, landed at Miami International Airport, and the entire check-out process was really smooth. I took a taxi to reach the city center. This is the cheapest and quickest way into the city if you are traveling on a budget. The other cheap option is to try Super Shuttle, which will help you save money.


By Matt H. Wade (User:UpstateNYer).  (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Miami is well-known for its beaches. Though, it is not only about beaches here. Whether you travel by cheap international flights or U.S. domestic carriers, do make it a point to explore Miami neighborhoods whenever on a short trip here. Miami neighborhoods like Downtown Miami, Little Havana, Little Haiti and Wynwood Design District have lots of surprises in store for you. A visit to these places will instantly give you a feel as if you are walking in the streets of Latin American cities. Miami neighborhoods are home to several South American, Caribbean and Cuban immigrants.


Another major concern for those taking flights to Miami on a short trip is finding the best place to eat, relax and enjoy. I frequented many restaurants in Miami, and after a long search landed at the best restaurant so far all along my trips on various occasions here. I would recommend trying out at ‘Michael’s Genuine’, probably the best restaurant I’ve ever been to while in Miami. You must also check this out. Here you’ll thoroughly enjoy. You will be treated to homemade fresh and local ingredients. Try ordering deviled eggs and the crispy pig ears. Believe me, you are going to enjoy this!


Getting around Miami at low prices is what all visitors look forward to while visiting here. Make use of the public transportation system to the fullest. This is the cheapest way to get you around the city.


Another thing not to be missed out while in Miami are the food trucks. There is a flourishing and vibrant food truck scene at the Tropical Park in South Miami. Check these out and you’ll find all kinds of delicacies to satiate your gastronomic appetite.

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