Popular Winter Activities in Minnesota

Planning a vacation this winter? Look no further than Minnesota for the cure to your winter blues. Perhaps you live where the air is dry and the heat is intense and can’t wait to see the white powder fall and feel the low temperatures. Minnesota is the place to be in the winter. With everything you could ever want to do, why go anywhere else to enjoy the cold season?


Skiing/Cross Country Skiing

Are you a ski enthusiast? Have you always wanted to try? Head on up Lutsen’s Ullr Mountain to enjoy fresh powder and fellow skiers. If you are cross country skier, they have your cup of tea as well!



If you prefer to keep your legs together or not use them at all, you can be accommodated. Snowboarding and tubing are just as popular as the sports on two legs. Be sure to take a friend that can help you up when you fall and be sure to dress warmly.



Miles and miles of trail await you and your revved up snowmobile (20,000 miles to be exact). Take the afternoon and just explore the many trails and the refreshing crisp air. If you are a fan of four wheeling or wave running, take a chance on a snowmobile and discover a whole new thrill of winter.


Dog Sledding

Yes you read right. If you are the adventurous type, why pass up the opportunity to dog sled? While it isn’t something everybody has on their bucket list, if the opportunity presents itself, why  not take it up? If it sounds like something you’d like, be sure to sign up for a trip with a sled dog outfitter and get ready for a ride like no other.

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Ice Fishing

That’s right. Ice fishing. You say you’ve never been? Well there is a first time for everything. If you love fishing, then you must try ice fishing. With several frozen lakes calling, why not spend the afternoon catching dinner and trying a new activity while you’re at it?


Voyageurs National Park

If you’re ready to take a break, don’t retire indoors. Take a breather at Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park and partake of their breathtaking landscapes, ice-caped mountains and frozen lakes. The epitome of a winter wonderland; take the opportunity for the holiday photograph.


State Parks

Enjoy Minnesota’s beauty with its many state parks. With over 75 to choose from and over 1000 miles of park trails to trek, you’ll be sure to take up more than one afternoon enjoying the natural beauty that is Minnesota.


Mall of America

Take a break from the cold and stop by the biggest mall in the US. The Mall of America is home to an Ice Castle that will surely thrill you and the young ones, plus provide great photo opportunities. Then take a stroll, do some shopping, enjoy a cup of cocoa and then go hit the slopes some more!



If you need a place to relax that is close to skiing and trails, be sure to take advantage of the winter resorts. They offer a splendid wintery landscape as well as piping cocoa and a place to put your feet up.



Winter Festival

Partake in something the several communities of Minnesota put together every winter. Enjoy winter-only activities and enjoy something truly unique to Minnesota.

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This is only a sample of the vast winter life in Minnesota. Not to mention sledding, snow forts and snow-ball fights, the activities extend even farther. Don’t take my word for it; book a trip and see for yourself. Enjoy winter like never before. Enjoy winter in Minnesota.