How To Get A Great Hotel Deal

Looking to do some traveling? If so, you’ll want to stop and think about how you can get the best possible deal on your accommodation to both help keep the total budget of the trip lower and free up money to spend on other elements of the trip.

Many people don’t think too much about bargain hunting when it comes time to planning a vacation or even a business trip for that matter, but there are definitely ways to find great deals.

Let’s look at some of the key tips to remember.


Consider Private Hostel Rooms

First, you may want to consider staying in a private room in a hostel rather than in a hotel entirely. Hostels are notoriously cheap for travelers, but many people who want more privacy move away from the idea of these entirely.

But, if you can find one that offers a private room, you’ll get your privacy for a greatly reduced rate.

Consider Serviced Apartments

Another alternative to the luxury hotel that you may like to look at is a serviced apartment. If you’re going to stay for more than a few days, this option may be cheaper than the price of a long stay in a hotel room. Many people do rent out apartments for long time periods at a great rate that will be comparable if not lower than what you will pay in a hotel.

Plus, then you will have full kitchen facilities as well as more total livable area, so it can make for a more enjoyable stay.


Don’t Always Book Online

While it’s quick and convenient to do your booking online, you can often get a better deal if you call the hotel directly.

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Additionally, if there are rooms available at a reduced rate for your booking period, you can get this information from the reservation agent you speak to on the phone, while most online booking systems won’t provide this information.


Get Upgraded

Also consider whether there are any reasons the hotel should consider upgrading your room. If you are part of a loyalty program for instance, this could be a good reason why you should receive an upgraded room at a discounted rate.

Don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades – often they are available it’s just that no one ever presses for them.


Book As Far In Advance As Possible

Finally, try and book as much in advance as you possibly can. Often there are lower rates for booking a longer time period in advance at many hotel locations, so try and make the most of it if this is the case.

Call the booking agent and inquire about additional fees for last minute booking if you prefer last minute just so you are well aware of them if they are in fact in place.

So there you have the primary things that you need to know and remember if you want to aim to get a discount on your stay. Take these into account and you could save yourself a hundred dollars or more depending on how long your trip is going to be.