Luggage Cup Holders

Traveling can be hectic, making it hard to find an appropriate spot to hold your beverage. With the riemont luggage travel cup holder you can keep both hands free while maneuvering through airports or transit stations with ease.

It easily straps onto luggage, keeping drinks close at hand, while folding up for storage – perfect for frequent travelers, flight attendants and business people.


Luggage cup holders provide an effective yet simple way to free up both of your hands when traveling. Simply strap one onto your suitcase handle, fill with beverages like water bottles or coffee, and stay hydrated on the road! Even better? They’re quick and simple to install – making this an essential travel accessory!

No matter if it’s for travel purposes or simply relaxation, coffee can help keep you on track and relaxed. But holding your beverage while navigating a rolling suitcase can be difficult when time is of the essence. The Riemont Luggage Travel Cup Holder was specifically created to address this challenge: its patented design fits most luggage and features two deep pockets in front, as well as thinner pockets at the back for items like passports or phones.

The luggage cup holder is constructed of wear-resistant oxford fabric and easily washed, while also folding flat for storage in your luggage when not in use – making it an excellent gift idea for frequent travelers such as flight attendants or businessmen.

No one likes their coffee spilling all over their travel bag or backpack while on the move, which is why luggage travel cup holders provide such an effective solution to this problem. Simply attach one to your suitcase handle, and enjoy spill-proof beverages while traveling! Plus, they feature an added zipper pocket in the back for additional storage needs!

Easy to install

Luggage cup holders are an indispensable travel essential, for anyone who enjoys sipping beverages while traveling. Their small, lightweight design makes installation simple; plus they help prevent drinks from sliding or tipping over while in motion. You’ll find these travel essentials from automotive companies and luggage manufacturers alike; thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) make ideal non-slip surface solutions with improved grip that offer non-slip properties for this application.

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Riemot’s luggage travel cup holder is an ideal solution for travelers who prefer traveling without hands-free. With its large pocket that holds two beverages and its back pocket for snacks or cell phones or anything else needed during your journey, this simple-in-design travel holder costs only $10 and enhances overall travel experiences.

The luggage travel holder is constructed from high-grade materials that ensure its durability and longevity. Its outer layer consists of waterproof polyester fiber, making it weather resistant. Meanwhile, its thermal insulation material keeps drinks at their ideal temperatures for extended periods.

The luggage travel holder is designed to securely attach to any suitcase handle with its hook-and-loop fastener for an easy connection and removal when not needed. Furthermore, its foldability takes up minimal space in your bag while staying hydrated on any business trip or vacation is never an issue as its compact size still allows enough room for holding large water bottles or coffee mugs!


A luggage travel cup holder is an invaluable way of keeping beverages close during a journey, be it air, train, or bus travel. Easy installation makes this essential travel accessory convenient as it folds up compactly for storage in bags or suitcases; plus they make great presents!

This luggage travel cup holder is specially designed to attach securely to most double handle telescopic trolley wheeled luggage, so you can enjoy your beverage hands-free without risk of spillage onto clothing. Additionally, its strong Velcro system can hold various small items such as your smartphone, passport and snacks securely in its mesh pocket; plus there’s even an airline ticket compartment so when boarding time rolls around quickly find what you need!

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This luggage cup holder’s zipper pocket is another outstanding feature. Perfect for keeping phone, passport or boarding pass safe from water damage while protecting from elements. Furthermore, its lightweight design allows it to be carried effortlessly on either shoulder.

KRAIBURG TPE’s THERMOLAST(r) K AD1/AP series of TPE material is an ideal choice for creating liners, frames and cup holders due to its good surface appearance, high adhesion to PP and complex shape molding capabilities. Furthermore, this material meets automotive interior UV resistance requirements while having low VOC content, while offering soft touch surfaces for comfortable gripping that make this series perfect for travel accessories and automotive interiors.


A luggage cup holder can be an invaluable travel accessory for anyone needing to keep their beverage close by while traveling. Not only can it reduce the risk of spilling their coffee or tea, it can save time by making it easy to grab their beverage on-the-go. Furthermore, its compact size and lightweight materials makes it convenient when limited space is at a premium. When not in use it folds flat for storage.

Easy to set up and compatible with any type of suitcase, the hook and loop fastener secures this drink holder around your bag’s handle while fitting most cups or bottles of any shape or size. Plus, two beverages can even be stored simultaneously! Perfect if traveling with someone who enjoys sharing drinks.

The cup holder is constructed of water-resistant, insulated material for easy cleaning. It fits easily in any suitcase – even those equipped with rolling wheels – and its multicolored options allow it to match any outfit perfectly. Furthermore, its patent design makes attaching or un-attaching easier.

The Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder makes an excellent present for frequent travellers. It improves their travel experience by freeing up hands, reducing stress levels and giving more freedom when navigating busy airports. A perfect present for flight attendants, businesspeople/women/parents of young children; its convenient and budget friendly cost is only $15! Plus its lightweight construction means it fits easily in luggage or bags for easy packing away!

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One of the top travel accessories is a luggage cup holder, which will free up both hands while on the move. This small, easy-to-use fabric sleeve fits securely over suitcase handles and has two pockets for bottles or cups as well as a zipper pocket at the back that holds passports, cell phones and other important documents. In addition to being simple to use and fold flat for storage in carry-on or checked baggage – making this accessory essential to any travelling kit!

Holding onto coffee, luggage and boarding passes during airport travel can be difficult. Amazon currently offers the Riemont luggage travel cup holder as an easy solution; its flexible design stretches over suitcase handles and secures with hook-and-loop fasteners; this device can hold up to two cups or water bottles – perfect if you have your hands full!

Foldable and washable, its durable Oxford cloth makes this water bottle ideal for those on-the-go who wish to stay hydrated, as well as travelers traveling with children. It is a convenient accessory that makes life simpler while travelling!

This luggage cup holder is constructed of high-grade Oxford cloth-nylon material that’s machine-washable, lightweight and comfortable to wear – it can even be worn over your shoulder or around your neck! Ideal for businessmen, women, flight attendants and parents traveling with children; plus makes an exceptional present! Easy installation doesn’t interfere with luggage; cleaning is simple as well; plus keeps beverages chilled for hours!