Travel Safe and Well

The Caribbean, the place where dreams come true and, positively, relaxing with rum cocktails is certainly on the menu – simply divine! One of the best things about the Caribbean is that no matter where you go, you know that you are going to love it! Traveling requires considerable planning though, not just in terms of where you are traveling to, but how to stay safe and secure and healthy whilst you are on holiday! Unfortunately, where there is tourism, there is crime! I have written some simple and effective method to help you stay safe whilst abroad!


Travel Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Roughly 6 weeks prior to travel, you may want to think about visiting the GP, there are a variety of recommended vaccinations for the Caribbean, some of which include: Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and yellow fever. Of which vaccines you will require, really depends upon which region you are visiting. Request the documentation from your GP, just in case you run into any problem, it’s not likely, but just in case. If you are a long term sufferer of any illnesses that will require mediation whilst abroad, then take it! Don’t leave anything to chance! Another safety point, take out holiday insurance! This is an absolute necessity!


I think that people under estimate the importance of holiday insurance, this is absolutely vital for anyone traveling abroad. Life is unpredictable; therefore plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Believe me, I am not being negative, its simple a case of protecting yourself. When it comes to insurance you get what you pay for, so don’t scrimp. Good travel insurance should cover happenings such as: medical cover for injury or death, 24 emergency assistance, personal liability against any damages or injury that you may cause and cancellations. These are the minimum requirements that you should be looking for and, often, insurers won’t cover anything that has happened in which it was drink, or drug related.

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Just a note of caution, it is not uncommon for the body to take a couple of days to acclimatise post travel. Strange water, food, climate and sleeping patterns can play hell with the body, so you might want to take some indigestion tablets, or something like Imodium – you never know…


Hurricane Season?

Due to the geographic location of the Caribbean, it tend to be effected by hurricanes from the months between June, through to November. To be honest, the Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise destination is the world, operator such as Celebrity X Cruises, Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise and Fred Olsen. There are plenty of cruise deals to be had out there and the Caribbean is pretty much open season all year round, so I wouldn’t be too concerned!


By User:Acdx (Taken by User:Acdx) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By User:Acdx (Taken by User:Acdx) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Plenty of Fluids

Drinking plenty of fluids when in a hot/tropical climate is vital! As the core body temperature rises, you are further prone to heat exhaustion, and excessive fluid loss via sweating. Fluids not only keep you hydrated, but the can actually protect the skin too. Excessive sweating dries out the skin, thus leading to vulnerability to the UV rays.  I would like to stress something though; you will need to check with the tour operator regarding the water quality, some water is simply not safe to drink. If you are extra careful, then you should only really drink bottled water, that’s what I do.


I know you will have been told this a million times before, but please take notice of this. Wear sun screen! Skin types vary, and thus vulnerability will vary. IF you are prone to burn use higher protection creams – use a little common sense. You only have one body, look after it!

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Protect Valuables

So recently when I was in South Africa, I stupidly went into the sea with my phone in my pocket, naturally I take my own advice and I had a platinum level travel insurance cover, so all was fine. My advice to you is though, protect your vulnerable. Now in my case I didn’t have anyone to watch my phone, not that I am making excuses for ruining my phone, but if you can’t keep it safe don’t take it! There are many opportunistic thieves’ out there, and beaches are a prime target and its easy pickings!


Hire a local guide

Without fail, you will be going on day excursions, heading to the beaches, tourist attractions and all of the local hotspots whilst holidaying, but make sure you take a guide. Everywhere in the world will have pockets of areas that are not recommended for tourists to go on their own; therefore you should always take a reputable guide with you.