Why Whitewater Rafting is a Great Vacation Idea

Doesn’t maneuvering a raft, bonding with friends and family, creating memories while experiencing a thrilling new adventure sound like a great vacation idea to you? If not, then you most likely just don’t know all of the benefits of whitewater rafting and what exactly makes it the perfect vacation for your family. Here are some very good reasons for why whitewater rafting is a great vacation idea.


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Whether you’re looking for a fast trip down the river, maneuvering and working your body and mind’s skills, or you just want a relaxing day floating down a river, taking in the scenery, whitewater rafting fits both of those needs. That is one perk of a rafting trip; if you have younger children, or someone that is uncertain of the water, you can choose a raft trip that is less intense and more laid back for them. If you have daredevils going, you can go on a trip that has more difficult maneuvers and higher rapids that provide a more challenging vacation.


Another reason to experience this thrilling vacation idea is that you will be outside exploring nature, getting a different perspective on the world as you’ll see it from the river. You will see wildlife that you wouldn’t see on any other vacation, being in the middle of the wilderness without a roof over your head or the comforts that you take for granted. You will discover how to detach from your cell phone, the internet, and the daily life that stresses everyone out.


By Keith Parker (Flickr: Alaska 2010) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Bonding is something that goes hand-in-hand with whitewater rafting because you become more confident in the people in the raft with you that they will help everyone stay safe and comfortable for the duration of the trip. Aside from the rafting part, you will also spend time relaxing in between the rafting which will lead to conversation, building memories that will be remembered for years to come. With a local guide along for the trip, you will also learn plenty about the area. A guide is the best way to learn more about the river and the area you are rafting because they are experienced and well educated.

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Another benefit to rafting is that it’s a cost-efficient vacation idea. Most of the time the rafting company that you choose will provide you with the essentials such as a life jacket, oar and helmet. All that you need to be considered with is attire, shoes, sunscreen, bug repellent, any necessary medications, and a camera. You will want a variety of clothes to layer up in case the weather is cold, but also so if it’s warm you can remove layers. Your shoes should be water proof with some sort of back to them so that they cannot fall of during the rafting adventure.


When you are looking for a vacation for this summer, whitewater rafting is one that is sure to be memorable and fun. You will become closer with those involved in the adventure, learning about the great outdoors and the fundamentals of rafting. For these reasons, you will be provided with a great vacation.