5 Tips to Preparing Kids for Their First Flight

If you needed some preparation for your first plane ride then more so are the kids.


They might seem thrilled about the idea of taking a vacation or meeting relatives abroad, but they might not be ready yet for the takeoff. For one, kids are by nature energetic. They would not want to be stuck in one place for a long period.


The way you prepare the kids may affect their attitude during the flight. Begin with the preparations as early as possible to ensure that everyone in the family is comfortable. And to avoid as well chances of making enemies at the airport or during the haul itself.


Talk about behaving well.

While there are kind passengers who would extend their patience  whenever a child throws tantrums, still, discuss behavior with the kids. Scaring them off would not help as they might only be more reluctant about flying. See to it that they understand that you are sharing the ride with many others, and any misdemeanor they show may upset or inconvenience anyone. Advise that they can tell you anytime whether they need something but they cannot run around the plane.


Go over basic rules.

Airlines usually would have their list of do’s and don’ts. For instance, their toys made of metals may have to be placed on the conveyor belts during security checks. They also would have to  take off their shoes. You know how hard it is to convince kids sometimes to let go of their things. And you must train them to do so so you would not have to argue when you’re already there. Remind them over again that they will get back all their things that will no longer fit in the carry-ons, once you reach your destination.

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Prepare busy bag.

Let your kids prepare their own bag with their favorite toys or storybooks. Engaging in activities helps keep their mind off the flight. They are likely to no longer notice how long you have been up in the air. And they also wouldn’t bother asking over again if you are there on your destination yet. Stash on your own bag some new toys to keep kids calm in case they get sick of their other toys. Just this time, allow them indulge on sweet treats.


Revisit photos of your previous plane rides.

Share stories to your kids about your previous plane rides. Emphasize on funny experiences. Reference as well to people they like such as their grandparents or cousins. This will aid arouse their interest toward plane rides since children love imitating actions of people they look up to.


Watch films or read books about traveling.

Go online with your kids and check out more info on attractions you’re visiting. Let them as well participate as you plan your itinerary so they’ll have something to look forward to. This shall help heighten their excitement. Another strategy is to watch films that feature kids flying with their parents so your young one will have an idea how it works on board.