Wine Tourism in France – Where to Go?

When deciding where to go for their annual holiday, people will find that there is a lot more choice than simply lying on a beach or exploring a city. Most holiday companies offer a wide range of trips that are dedicated to people’s interests and hobbies so that they can make the most of their vacation time. One type of holiday that has long been popular is wine tourism in France. France is a beautiful country that is well known for its romance, mouthwatering cuisine and its superior wines. Nearly every region in France has a wine that they are famous for and a local dish that compliments it perfectly. Below is a list of some of the regions that really should be on any person’s list if they are planning to take a wine tourism trip in France.


By Rob & Lisa Meehan (originally posted to Flickr as Champagne Vineyards) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Champagne – This region owes its fame to one man; Dom Perignon. Originally the local wine makers produced only still wines, but Dom Perignon realized that the introduction of carbon dioxide into the wine created something unique and special. Since then the name of Champagne has become famous the world over and a visit here will allow a person to taste the different types and experience the traditions and customs that are associated with the drink. For example, did you know that the proper way to open a bottle is with a sword?

Champagne –


Burgundy – Wine has been made here for over 1000 years and is still going strong today. Many of the wines owe their names to the religious orders of the monks that grew and cultivated the grapes all those years ago. Although many of the vineyards in Burgundy are much smaller than in other parts of France, people are still able to walk around and get a real feel for how they produce their wines. At the end of the tour people will have the opportunity to sample some incredible white and red burgundies that will send their taste buds wild.

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Burgundy –


By Jonathan Martz (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Alsace – This is the perfect region for anyone who loves good quality, crisp white wines. The picture box villages that make up this region have soil that produces a superior white grape and because of this the wine producers have concentrated on growing 12 main varieties. The overall beauty of the area means that this is the perfect place to plan an overnight stop on your wine tourism trip in France.

Alsace –


The Rhone Valley – This region is perhaps not as popular and so many people do not get a chance to visit on their trip of wine tourism in France. They are missing a treat though as the RhoneValley is the home of many superior wines that the French consider a great addition to any dinner table or social occasion. The region produces both white and red wines and most vineyards are more than happy to allow a private tour. However, any groups that are planning to visit the region will also have no problem as they are also very welcoming to tour parties and coach trips.

The Rhone Valley –
The Rhone