How to Survive Your Long-Haul Flight

long-haul flight

The prospect of a long-haul flight can seem overwhelming. Even though you may be excited about arriving in your intended destination, five hours or more on a plane will test anyone’s patience. However, you don’t have to let a long flight make your holiday or travel experience start off badly. Here is some general advice for surviving long flights and any accompanying layovers.

Exactly what type of flight you’re going to have is always a gamble any time you fly. On some occasions it’ll be quiet and stress-free, but more often than not you’ll be faced with cramped conditions and the stereotypical crying baby. If your airline doesn’t provide them for free, investing in a good set of earplugs and a neck cushion can really make all the difference on those arduous journeys.

Long flights also mean that you may arrive in your destination at odd hours, which can interfere with your body clock and cause jet lag. For example, a flight leaving Europe in the early morning will arrive in the United States in the early afternoon, depending on the location. Even taking a five hour flight to New York means you will need you to consider what time you arrive in the city.

You should always factor in some recovery time between your arrival and whatever business you have to conduct in the city as your body will need time to adjust. Even if you are simply on holiday and meeting friends, simply checking into your hotel, showering and changing clothes, and getting something to eat can do wonders for how you feel after a long flight. Doing this can also help you fight-off jet lag so that you can enjoy the first few days of your trip without feeling too tired.

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However, what if you have multiple long-haul flights? For instance, most people having to deal with international relocations from Europe to New Zealand often have to contend with the additional issues of making their connection to their destination, which can be stressful. Someone travelling to Singapore from London might have a connection in Dubai. Often, you will have just enough time in the Dubai airport to make your connecting flight to your destination, but sometimes you may have a stopover of up to twelve hours or more.

If you have the time and want to recharge and relax before you take another long-haul flight to your final destination, you should consider leaving the airport and going to a hotel to keep you refreshed. This way, you can shower, change, and have something to eat in peace and comfort before returning to the airport. It is something to consider if you have a long flight ahead of you to destinations such as New Zealand or Australia.

Hopefully, these tips for a long flight and for long layovers will help you in the future, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure. By remembering to relax and take care of yourself throughout your journey, you will make your travel experience a little easier, which will mean less stress when you finally at your destination.