Top 5 Exotic Destinations For After Quarantine Ends

exotic beaches

Most people dream about exotic vacations on paradise-like, remote islands. But, do you know what destinations to actually consider?

The truth is there are countless exotic destinations that you can consider. The current travel bans and quarantines will end. When the coronavirus threat will be out of the way, we can safely start planning our next dream vacation to an exotic paradise. But, where?

The following top exotic destinations are perfect for the relief and relaxation that you deserve after so many tough months.

Fiji Islands

Fiji is practically great for everything, from people that want to experience unique culture and hospitality to those planning Fiji family holidays. There are hundreds of islands that exist, offering palm-lined beaches, gorges, protected marine parks, waterfalls, natural pools, and mangrove forests.

The beaches are simply amazing but you can enjoy much more than just the scenery. Tourists can go snorkeling, diving, and even swim alongside sea turtles, sharks, and manta rays.

When there is more time available, people can go hiking to more remote areas and it is always a good idea to experience a trip to a local village.


Madagascar is officially a part of Africa, but it is isolated and feels different than the rest of the continent. You can enjoy countless lush mountains, golden shores, canyons, and jagged limestone karsts. Wildlife lovers will really appreciate the animals as they get to see whale sharks (you can swim with them), dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and lemurs.

Those that are interested in culture and history should visit Antananarivo, which is a hotspot for colonial history and a great place to experience incredible cuisine.

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Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, you can visit beautiful palm-lined beaches every single day of the year. You have access to numerous outdoor activities, like surfing, diving, and deep-sea fishing. When referring to the Caribbean islands, this is definitely one of the most exotic, with lush vegetation and unspoiled, raw coast.

Most tourists are drawn to Puerto Rico by the beaches since there are hundreds, each being unique, ranging from secluded locations to city beaches. At most beaches, you can explore marine wildlife, go kite-surfing, play beach volleyball, flyboard, and more.

Maui, Hawaii

If there is just one island you can visit in Hawaii, it needs to be Maui. It may be the second most visited, but it is a true paradise that is not going to disappoint you. This is where you can have a real glimpse into local tradition and culture. Tourists can attend luaus, go whale watching, and much more.

When you have some time, it is a great idea to enjoy the Road to Hana since it is an incredibly picturesque drive with narrow roads and stunning scenery. On the road, you will see turquoise waterfalls, wild birds, ocean views, gorgeous beaches, and numerous surprises.


It is quite a shame that many do not know Seychelles, a beautiful archipelago covering over 100 islands. The sandy beaches here are incredible and if you love nature, everything here is a paradise. Every single one of the islands gives you access to something unique. This includes isolated beaches, tropical forests, unique cultural heritage, and endemic species. If you do not have time and your choices are limited, consider La Digue, Praslin, and Mahe.