These Are The 5 Best Beaches In Australia

australia beach

There are so many reasons why you would want to visit Australia and the beaches stand out as an obvious choice. The truth is there are countless incredibly beautiful beaches in the country that you are going to absolutely love. In fact, there are so many that it will be quite difficult to choose one to put in your itinerary. With this in mind, pack up that trendy swimwear you wanted to showcase and check out the following as they are definitely among the best beaches in Australia.

Whitehaven Beach – Queensland

If you take a look at tops about the best beaches to visit in Australia, Whitehaven Beach is oftentimes the number one choice. It covers 4 miles on Whitsunday Island and features the purest sand you can find in the entire world. 98% of it is made out of pure silica so you can expect it to be very, very white, which is incredible in contrast with the azure water.

Whitehaven also covers numerous lagoons, coves, and inlets. They are just perfect for those that want to explore. In addition, snorkeling is excellent, especially in the southern part. If you want to have the best views possible, go to Tongue Point. Do it when it is low tide since the sands and sea shift and swirl, creating an incredible mosaic of blue, green, and white.

Wineglass Bay – Tasmania

You rarely think about Tasmania when you make a list of the best beaches in Australia but Wineglass Bay needs to be mentioned. It has its name because of its wineglass-shaped curve. It features white sand, sapphire waters, and even some beautiful pink-granite cliffs that make the rainbow look complete.

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Wineglass Bay is located on the stunning Freycinet Peninsula, which is 3 hours away from Hobart. The beach is very remote and around it you can visit some of the best wineries in the country.

Blinky Beach – New South Wales

Most of the beautiful beaches are located in Queensland but NSW can definitely hold its very own. It has very good surfing and if you talk to tourists, the beach is just stunning because of how it looks. It is located between Mutton Bird Lookout and Blinky Point. As a result, the sea water is turquoise and the sand is powder-white.

Turquoise Bay – Western Australia

The name is self-explanatory with this beach. It is located on the Coral Coast of Western Australia and is the spot that appeals to every single beachgoer out there, being really close to Ningaloo Reef, where you can find over 500 species of fish, all in a wonderful snorkeling environment.

Waters are shallow and warm so they are perfect for swimming. The stand-up paddleboarders enjoy the gentle waves of the bay. Relaxation and rest are what you get in Turquoise Bay because of the remote location and the fact that the area is oftentimes deserted.

Noosa Main Beach – Queensland

There are countless very beautiful beaches in Queensland but we have to also mention Noosa Main Beach because of its immense popularity. The area is postcard-perfect so you want to take as many pictures as possible. It is also very safe as it is patrolled by lifeguards at any moment of the day while also giving you access to countless facilities and shopping opportunities. The surfing experience is surf and the climate is mild every day of the year.