The sights at Tangalooma Island resort

Almost all of us are looking for a place with numerous places and opportunities for great shots. One place where you can find the best moments to capture is Moreton Island. The following are just a few of the great places on the island.


Tangalooma Wrecks


Tangalooma Wrecks
By Michael under CC BY 2.0


One of the most famous tourist spots unique to Moreton Island is the ship wreckage site. This place was not the result of a naval accident. Instead, fifteen boats were intentionally sunk in order to create a break wall in 1963. This allows smaller vessels to safely visit the area as well as creating a perfect diving and snorkelling site.

The Tangalooma Wrecks is where you can find some incredible sights. If your camera is up for some underwater shots, you can find an astounding array of marine life in the area. You can take a shot of the trevally, kingfish yellowtail, wobbegongs and much more. Even if your camera is not ready to take a dip, the wreckages itself are a sight to behold. The steam powered barges and dredges sitting on the sandbank with the setting sun shining upon them can make for a great picture.


Dolphin feeding area (Tangalooma Jetty)


Dolphin feeding area at Tangalooma island
By J Brew under CC BY-SA 2.0


Another of Moreton Island’s signature attractions is the opportunity for you to feed the dolphins in person. Every evening around sunset, half a dozen of these marine creatures visit the Tangalooma Jetty. Each dolphin has their own identity and traits which you can get to know more.

To participate, you will need to visit the Marine Education and Conservation Centre, run by Tangalooma Island Resort. This is where you will register for the dolphin feeding event in the evening. During the activity, the Dolphin Care Team will guide you in feeding the visiting creatures.

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Be sure to use a camera with a waterproof feature to take a shot of the dolphins while feeding them. If you wish to simply witness the event, you can get a good view on the wharf.

ATV quad bike tours

Moreton Island has a vast number of areas with great opportunities for a photo op. A good way to find them is with an ATV quad bike tour. Get to visit the beaches and bushlands of Moreton with a professional guide. This can give you a hands-on experience as you get the chance to take amazing shots of the island from the back of a rumbling rough terrain vehicle.

Scenic helicopter ride

Many of the pictures taken by tourists are usually from the ground or sea. Why not do something a little different with an aerial shot of the entire island? A scenic helicopter flight can give you this chance. Visit all of the attractions of the island, including the Tangalooma Wrecks, by air. You also get the opportunity to see Moreton Island’s sand dunes during your flight. The bird’s eye view shots can be a breath taking souvenir for your family and friends.

Remember to pack extra batteries and water with you at all times while you visit Moreton Island’s sights. This will make sure you and your camera can enjoy the experience to the fullest.