Chartering your Own Sailboat

If you’re part of a sailing family or have discovered the joys of sailing at some point in your life, you may already understand the joy of setting off on your own boat and heading out toward the open sea.


There is just nothing like being your own captain and discovering so much more than you could on a standard vacation or while on commercial tours.


When visiting a maritime locale, climbing aboard a boat is naturally the best way to truly experience the essence of the area. But, many of us are unfamiliar with the notion of bareboat chartering.


So what is a bareboat charter? Well, simply put, it is the rental of a boat without a crew.  You’ll charter your own boat and plan to captain it yourself; or, you can enlist the help of a sailing-savvy friend or relative.



Aboard your rented sailboat, you can relax and enjoy a peaceful itinerary and stunning sights. The boat provides all necessary accommodations during your journey, with comfortable berths, showers, toilets and decks for relaxing in the sun.


Instead of being relegated to separate hotel rooms, members of your group can enjoy spending quality time together in paradise.


Choose a destination like the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and spend your days idling in the warm breezes, snorkelling with colorful fish and discovering hidden sandy coves.


By Steve Evans from Bangalore, India (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

For a bit of adventure on dry land, you can dock in any one of many colorful harbors. Enjoy local cuisine and shopping for souvenirs before heading back out to sea for another day on the water.

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Meals can be prepared as a family, with ingredients you purchase at each point along the way. And of course, you can enjoy your favorite beverages while sunbathing on deck. As night falls, there’s nothing like the view of a glowing sunset with nice glass of white wine in hand, in the company of those you love most.

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This is truly a great way to catch up and bond with people you may not get to see very often. Almost anyone will jump at the chance to jet off to a sunny destination and experience life on a sailboat. Sailing is great for guests of all ages; from your youngest children to elderly extended family members.


With a qualified captain in charge, each person can play a special role in the management of the boat. At least one person on board must have a current sailing certification to ensure everyone’s safety. It’s also great for as many people on board to take sailing lessons in advance, so they’ll have a basic idea of how to assist.