What you should know about Ios Island, Greece

Ios, an island in the Cyclades is not only one of Greece’s premier party islands, but is gaining recognition as one of the most romantic islands too. If you and your partner want to unwind, go to Ios for the romantic hideaways, relaxed sunset strolls, dive into the beautiful and exotic crystal clear waters or go for candlelit meals of traditional and authentic Greek cuisine. Greeks love to hang out, go for a coffee, and chat to visitors. Here’s our guide to Ios for a truly unforgettable Island experience.

Ios Attractions & Monuments

Historically Ios Island claims the title of Homer’s birthplace. In fact, it has a monument said to be the grave of the famous ancient Greek poet. Meanwhile Skarkos Old Village is a settlement preserved that dates back to the 3rd millennium BC, however only a part of this site has been excavated. A must-visit is the Archaeological Museum in a beautiful neoclassical building in the middle of the main town. It is home to various historical treasures and offers a glimpse into life on the island in ancient times.

Another must-see for anyone visiting Ios are the windmills of the Island that were built to harness wind energy in grain production. Not only have they become something of a symbol of the island, but were instrumental in producing food too.


Windmills in Ios island Cyclades Greece
Via Wikimedia


Ios Nightlife

People from all over the world come to party in Ios Island. This is no coincidence! The vibrant nightlife make it an ideal stop to enjoy your holidays. Ios is packed with clubs and bars, from the little cocktail haunts in the middle of town to the impressive beach club at Far Out, where dancing ‘til dawn is the norm and walking home by the sunrise is expected.

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Ios Activities

Ios is blessed too with a wealth of water sports from windsurfing to banana boating, water skiing and simply swimming. One of the most popular choices is to hire a boat, head out to sea and brush up on some snorkelling skills or to hop to one of the neighbouring islands of Folegandros or Santorini.


Yatch approaching Ios
By Roland Turner under CC BY-SA 2.0


Beaches of Ios

Ios beaches are really something else. The most well known is Mylopotas beach, where you will find beach bars, cafes, luxury boutique hotels and many tavernas (restaurants) and space to sunbathe. Manganari, Psathi Beach and Koumpara beaches are a good choice away from the crowds, but they can get a little blustery.


Mylopotas beach
By Stefanos Kofopoulos under CC BY-SA 2.0


The famous Sunset

At the magic hour, when the sun is setting, people gather in their favourite parts of Ios to capture it. As the famous Greek sun sets, the whole atmosphere is filled with red and pink hues. Couples and groups are rooted to the spot to watch the sun diving into blue.


Chora Ios Sunset
By MattBattison [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


As night falls, plans are made, and the streets are filled with people enjoying life. This is Ios! Full of peace by day, turquoise, crystal clear waters, many activities, sightseeing and by night, the best parties in the world. Discover Ios and its many secrets soon.

By Zoe Mouchritsa