Most Visited Islands in 2013

The list of destinations that you can choose from is endless and there are also many different types of vacations to suit all interests. One type of holiday that will always be at the top of the lists though is island holidays. Again, there are plenty to choose from so if you are considering booking this type of holiday then read on for the list of the most visited islands in 2013 to give you some ideas.

Los Gigantes Tenerife
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The Canary Islands – Made up of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife the Canary Islands were a very popular destination for many holidaymakers during 2013. Each of the islands has its own special something and that makes them perfect for families and couples alike. They also have warm sunny winters, which make them the perfect island getaway for those looking to escape the cold.


The Greek Islands – No list of the most visited islands would be complete without these. The Greek islands range from small and intimate to large family resorts. There is plenty to see and do from learning about ancient history to partying the night away at some of Europe’s best nightspots. Because of the regular ferry services that connect the islands many people use their fortnight to island hop and get the most possible from the experience.


The Maldives – If you are looking for luxury then you can do no better than take a holiday on one of the dream islands in the Maldives. After landing at Male airport you will either board a boat or sea plane, which will deliver you to your own tropical paradise in style. Most of the islands work on the basis of ‘no news, no shoes’ so this is the place to come if you really want to leave the world behind for a while.

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The Croatian Archipelago – The islands of Croatia have quickly grown in popularity over recent years. Each island has something to offer every requirement, for example Korcula has a wealth of culture and history, Vis is perfect for a romantic getaway and Hvar is perfect for those looking for great parties in beautiful surroundings. If that was not enough, the cost of living on the CroatianIslands is one of the lowest in Europe, which makes them the perfect choice for those on a limited budget.


The Caribbean Islands – Still a favorite with many tourists in 2013 due to the sheer number of islands that make up this tropical paradise. Visitors here will be able to find an island to suit them no matter what their budget and they will be able to enjoy everything from water sports, superb cuisine, and friendly locals to gorgeous beaches. Many islands also offer mini cruises to allow visitors to experience more than one island during their holiday.


There you have just a few of the most visited islands in 2013 to give you a taste of what you could experience during your next holiday. So before you book your usual destination, take a better look at some of the islands mentioned above and get ready to enjoy the island holiday of a lifetime.