Top Attractions to Visit on Jersey Island

Best places to see in Jersey Island

So you have packed the sun lotion and downloaded books onto your tablet device. Now all that is left is to sit back and enjoy your trip to the Channel Islands. Jersey is the biggest island within close proximity of La Manche, known as the English Channel. This idyllic strip of land is most famous for its notorious Jersey Cow producing excellent milk. But when you arrive what are some of the best places of interest to expect?


Jersey museum and art gallery

Considered to be one of the most popular places to visit, the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery offers a number of different exhibits stretching back more than 200,000 years! You can really step back in time here and enjoy what has shaped Jersey’s history. In addition to this, the Art Gallery is home to a numerous works by Claude Cahun including:

  • Several pieces paying homage to the Surrealist movement.
  • A host of Cahun’s photographs and manuscripts.
  • An exhibition dedicated to Channel Island deportees during World War Two.


Jersey war tunnels
Bob Embleton via Wikimedia Commons


Jersey war tunnels

Another popular attraction in Jersey to visit among both tourists and locals alike is the Jersey War Tunnels. It recounts the story of the events surrounding the Occupation of the area in World War Two. Furthermore, it is believed to be an important historical site. Some of the exhibits that you will find inside feature:

  • The insides of the tunnel building
  • Events entailing deportation as well as captivity.
  • An insight into liberation.


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Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey, Channel Islands.
By Dan Marsh  via Wikimedia Commons


Mont orgueil castle

Another favourite place to take advantage of is Mont Orgueil Castle which has been a part of Jersey history for the best part of six decades. This particular fortress offered protection against invasion from the French forces. However once inside, fear not as the only soldiers on show are wooden ones protecting the top, whilst you can explore:

  • The intricate series of staircases.
  • Numerous towers.
  • Hidden rooms and the chance to uncover artwork recounting the tale of the castle itself.


Jersey lavender farm
By Jersey Tourism  via Wikimedia Commons


Jersey lavender farm

You should not have to struggle for cheap hotels in jersey as there is a plethora of 3, 4 and 5 star venues not to mention guesthouses and more. However once you are settled in you can take a trip to the Jersey Lavender Farm which is always high on the travel agenda. This working farm provides idyllic gardens to walk around in and of course the famous lavender fields. Meanwhile, you can also discover;

  • How the oil from the lavender is actually extracted.
  • Observe how the essential oils are produced.

Maritime museum

If you want to find out about Jersey’s naval history then you can marvel in the hands on interactive museum where you will be able to see all manner of things. Touch, see and even smell the unique exhibits on offer. Located on the harbour side in St. Helier, get your sea legs and navigate your way through this special venue. It truly is the stuff of legends! Enjoy a host of interactive displays including:

  • Experiencing the real force of a gale wind.
  • Getting to know about tides.
  • Learning how to construct a ship.

Durrell wildlife conservation trust

Jersey would not be Jersey without a visit to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Formed more than half a century ago by naturalist Gerald Durrell, it’s where you will find around 125 different types of endangered animals. Gaze in awe at more than 1,300 mammals and a wide variety of birds among 32 acres of lush green land. Some of the rare species to feast your eyes on offer:

  • Sumatran orangutans
  • Western gorillas.
  • Lemurs from Madagascar.
  • Black lion tamarins from Brazil. 

Military museum

Formerly housing a German bunker comprising a section of Hitler’s defence, why not check out the Channel Island Military Museum. You can take a tour down the corridors and rooms that made up this significant site that remains from sixty years ago. Having opened for two decades, you can catch a glimpse of unseen items that have been displayed for your viewing pleasure.

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The Channel Islands remain one of the best places to visit with easy access from the UK. Coupled with several other islets dotted around from Sark to Guernsey, it is no wonder travellers continue to visit these individual shores.