Best Drive In Movie Theaters In USA

Although drive in movie theaters are not as popular as they used to be a number of years ago, they are still really popular and USA does have some that are really interesting. The main reason why a new audience appeared for these entertainment facilities is the additions of the HD quality projectors based on digital technology. Regular film use is no longer a reality and we are faced with a reappearance of these locations, even among people that are younger, which is interesting to notice. As we had drive in theaters close to extinction just a short time ago, now we see them more popular than ever, with those below being seen as the best ones in the country at the moment.

Coyote Drive-In – Fort Worth

Coyote Drive-In – Fort Worth

This is actually a brand new drive in movie theater that generates a lot of buzz. You have access to various local specialties in food and wine, with banana pudding and meat pies being the most popular. You will love the setting here since it is classic Texas, with people that even arrive on horses in order to see a movie, moving from the stockyards in Ft. Worth. Coyote Drive-In is tailored for younger visitors and does not cater for the nostalgia audience.

Stardust Drive-In – Watertown

Stardust Drive-In - Watertown

This is another drive in movie theater that offers a digital projector. Because of this, the quality of the viewing is very high. There are 2 screens that are available. Both of them show double features. This basically means that you can easily get access to so many movies in just one night. Stardust is operated in the Nashville area from the first March weekend, in the event that the weather allows it, until November.

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Delsea Drive-In – Vineland

Delsea Drive-In – Vineland

This is an older theater that was dormant for quite a long period of time. It re-opened in the year 2004 and this market the reappearance of a drive in movie theater in the state. For a pretty long time the state had absolutely no theater. Success came thanks to the great experience offered and the addition of a great menu that offers absolutely everything you may want from the popular peanut butter jelly sandwich to the eggplant parmesan.

Becky’s Drive-In – Walnutport

Becky’s Drive-In - Walnutport

According to many specialists, this is basically the best drive in movie theater in USA. It gives you access to basically everything you may want to receive. The setting is pastoral and the menu is really great. You will even love the setting since you have a great viewing angle, no matter where you stay in the movie theater. The movie soundtrack will be broadcasted on an FM frequency but you can also rent some boom boxes that you can utilize to have a better experience when your car’s stereo system is not that great.