What Are The Very Best Museums You Can Visit In Norway?

When thinking about the reasons why you would visit Norway, museum visits are rarely on the list. That is because the natural beauty of the country is simply incredible. There are so many wonderful museums that you can visit. Many of these are going to totally surprise you. We will just focus on the very best, those that you surely want to consider. It may be a little interesting that most of them are in Olso, Norway, but that is simply because it is the epicenter of culture in the country. If you want to visit some great museums in Norway, here they are.

Viking Ship Museum – Oslo

Cleanse your eyes on 3 stunning looking burial vessels that come from the Viking Era. These were excavated from Oslofjord shores. They are on display on the museum island of Oslo, Bygdov. Oseberg is definitely the spectacular option to consider, ranging from the ninth century, a dragon ship of 20 meters, with so many incredible ornaments.

Norwegian Folk Museum – Oslo

When it comes to folk, there is literally nothing like what Norway has to offer. This museum features 140 original buildings, coming from all around the country. The area covers 35 acres. Scandinavia is renowned for the huge open-air museums created but this is definitely among the best. You can see so many interesting buildings ranging from a stave church built around the year 1,200 to the actual oldest of the standing wooden buildings of Norway. Get a glimpse of the past in a way that cannot be described in words.

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Edvard Munch Museum – Oslo

The largest of the collections featuring work from Edvard Munch is found right here. Munch, the most noted of all the artists in Scandinavia has his name in this museum, a gift to Oslo, featuring 4,500 drawings, around 18,000 prints and close to 1,100 paintings.

Det Hanseatiske Museum – Bergen

The museum shows you commercial life during the early eighteenth century, housed in a location that is among the best-preserved of the wooden buildings.

Vigelandsparken – Oslo

A beautiful western Oslo park shows you the work of Gustav Vigeland, the greatest sculptor to have ever lived in Norway. The 30 hectares Frogner Park features way over 200 sculptures made in iron, bronze and granite. This does include the most famous work ever signed by Vigeland, Angry Boy.

The next time you visit Norway, do consider visiting at least a couple of these museums. They are simply special and unique around the world.