Best Theaters in Nice, France

Downtown Nice multiplexes typically screen Hollywood blockbusters dubbed in French; however, they are beginning to offer English language movies; look for “V.O.” after each title or use their websites’ filters to discover them.

Try something different at Gerson Cafe Theatre, famous for its comedy performances. Many young comedians start their careers here.

1. Cinema Varietes

Cinema Varietes, located close to Sunlight Properties holiday rental apartments and villas, provides an array of entertaining theatre. Unlike mainstream multiplexes that only show Hollywood blockbusters dubbed in French, Cinema Varietes shows French films in addition to many English language movies (marked V.O. for “Version Originale”).

This erotica and pornographic movie once reigned supreme in cinema halls before receiving an X rating in 1975. Following renovation work, its long pink facade has taken on more neutral tones, while access corridors were removed to create a central atrium that captures sunlight throughout the day and features suspensions to evoke its canvas-like surface.

Download the Cinema Varietes mobile app to stay informed on movies, times and tickets on-the-go! Plus you can even buy tickets directly!

2. Pathe Massena

Pathe Massena cinema, just steps from Nice Etoile Center Commercial District, features seven screens and 1 332 seats for film lovers to enjoy an extensive selection of indie, cult, foreign, documentary and foreign language film releases in their original languages.

Theater attempts to recreate the kind of connection ancient Roman performers and audiences had. Actors, for instance, often integrate music and drawing into their shows.

Place Guichard Bourse du Travail Metro station is just steps from this theatre, providing easy access. For more information, check the website or call. Some cinemas also offer French versions with voiceover. Check their schedule before heading over; though not a guarantee, this may be your best bet for non-French speakers in the area. Additionally, LostinFrenchlation can arrange English screenings in certain Paris cinemas at slightly increased costs but well worth your while!

3. Cinema Varietes

Cinema Varietes has evolved into a seven-screen theatre showing art-house films while upholding its historical mission of music hall and chanson. It stretches across a courtyard and features a large 2,000-seat auditorium that can be divided into four rooms by means of sliding partitions with rotating stages, orchestra pits, false roofs and projection booths built directly into its ceiling.

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At this cinema, visitors will experience a one-of-a-kind multisensory viewing experience with D-BOX seating, wind, rain, mist, back and leg ticklers, scents and air jets as well as sound, fog lighting (including thunder) and bubble effects – an excellent option for couples or groups of friends alike. Such cinematic projections possess long had an audible presence ever since the Kino-Variete (1913-1914) was made – an iconic revenge melodrama featuring Emil Jannings who makes his mark on it still today!

4. Pathe Massena Dolby

Le Centre Commercial de Nice-Lingostiere now hosts an amazing new Pathe cinema equipped with Dolby Cinema that provides the ultimate cinematic experience. Featuring fully inclinable premium recliners spaced 2 metres apart to reduce visual disturbance and optimize viewing of the screen, this theatre delivers the full cinematic experience.

Pathe is one of the largest chain operatorss in France, operating theaters across France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Each week it presents an eclectic and complementary program at seven comfortable, climate-controlled theaters that feature Dolby Stereo technology – four equipped with Dolby Cinema as well.

Pathe Massena stands out from downtown multiplexes by showing films in their original language (look for films with V.O). Plus it offers a good selection of concessions. Conveniently located near Liberation tram stop and offering free parking all year long; entrances on ground floor, first floor and roof top levels provide easy accessibility to viewing movies!

5. Cinema Varietes

Cinema Varietes is an ideal choice for an evening out in Nice, situated within walking distance from both Winter Resort Town of Nice and Boscolo Exedra Nice Hotel Non Refundable Room. Offering a wide selection of movies in an ample auditorium and with numerous bars and restaurants close by allowing customers to unwind after watching a film with drinks or food from various nearby establishments, Cinema Varietes makes a memorable nighttime out!

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At Cinema Varietes in downtown Nice, unlike crowded mainstream multiplexes, Hollywood blockbusters are usually shown in their original language (look for films with V.O. after their title). On occasion they also show more explicit or even pornographic movies – so keep kleenex handy! Likewise, seating includes standard chairs as well as sofas upholstered with velvet for maximum comfort; some chairs even boast retractable headrests! Furthermore, this theatre boasts retractable roof and rotating stage features.

6. Pathe Massena

Pathe Massena cinema in Nice is an ideal spot to enjoy watching films with its wide array of seating options and convenient location near the city center. Furthermore, they also provide drinks and snacks.

Watching a movie at home is an ideal way to escape the city and unwind after an exhausting day of sightseeing. Enjoying your favourite flick without worry over traffic or finding parking is sure to provide relaxation after touring all day long!

Nice is home to several hotels that provide delicious breakfast options, with Le Meridien Nice, Hotel West End Nice and Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel among the more well-known choices. Breakfast can help start off your day right; for travelers traveling with children it is key that their hotel offers child-friendly menu options.

7. Cinema Varietes

This seven-screen cinema in Nice’s historic Old Quarter showcases art house, cult, foreign and documentary movies often in their original language. Look out for profiles of Marseille composer Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880) and Alexandre Dumas fils (1724-1895) adorning its facade!

Restructuring of the building has resulted in clearer room distribution and an elevator between floors. By eliminating many old corridors, a large empty space has opened up beneath its vaulted ceiling that captures light, illuminated by suspended suspended lamps hung from suspension cables in space – this area now hosts a large sculptural staircase to connect all rooms on the second floor at once.

8. Pathe Massena

Pathe Massena cinema is located just steps away from Nice Etoile shopping centre, providing visitors with access to the latest film releases. Popular among both business and leisure guests alike, Pathe Massena also serves as an ideal venue for private parties and events of up to 250 people and boasts facilities like meeting rooms and audiovisual equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Some hotels in Nice provide delicious breakfast foods like pancakes and bagel stories for their guests to enjoy, such as Le Meridien Nice, Hotel West End Nice and Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel are the top spots to stay for those seeking a satisfying breakfast experience.

9. Cinema Varietes

Contrasting with the overcrowded mainstream multiplexes in town that typically show Hollywood blockbusters dubed into French, Cinema Varietes provides independent, cult, and foreign films in original language. Check their website to view their current lineup; be sure to filter for films marked “V.O” (Version Originale).

Recent efforts to give cinematic projections an impactful presence are increasingly popular, yet have long roots. German Kino-Variete productions from 1913-1914 attempted to enhance filmic images through texture and depth by combining film projection with live performances like dance of the stars or music-hall shows with projection.

10. Pathe Massena

Pathe Massena (Chemin de l’Etoile), located in the city center, offers films for everyone in its large cinema with state-of-the-art technology and provides the ideal setting for family outings.

The theater is well known for its comedy performances, and you may just catch an emerging comedian before they become household names! Located east of the Rhone and north of Gabriel Peri metro station.

Studio 28 (Chemin de l’Etoile) provides an intimate cinematic experience and offers a selection of films from which you can choose. Additionally, its beautiful building was designed by Matisse; once owned by Jean-Pierre Mocky who regretted not having his films distributed in movie theaters he purchased this space to showcase them himself and promote his works.