City Break in Athens

Renowned all over the world for its rich culture, great historical monuments and multifaceted character, the capital of Greece is a place you should visit once in your lifetime Considered to be the birthplace of classical civilization, Athens features many interesting sights. In terms of sightseeing, the place you certainly have to visit is the iconic Acropolis, a fine sample of classical architecture, and the neighboring New Acropolis Museum exhibiting parts of this unique structure. Sip a coffee on the museum’s terrace overlooking part of this imposing marble structure or just wander around the cobbled streets of nearby Plaka, a quaint area filled with traditional cafes and taverns, as well as souvenir shops. Moreover, there are plenty fun things to do in this fascinating city, when the history buff inside you has seen enough.


Acropolis Athens
By Aleksandr Zykov under CC BY-SA 2.0


Easily accessible by plane thanks to its luxurious international airport, Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens is flocked with visitors from all over the world, who are more than pleased to find out that there is a plethora of accommodation from budget hotels and hostels to luxurious international accommodation, such as the Holiday Inn Athens Airport Hotel .

Take a walk up and down the city’s biggest shopping street, Ermou, to feast your eyes on fancy and elegant shopping windows. But, make sure you explore the area’s arcades, where hidden little treasures are patiently waiting to be discovered by inquiring visitors. Shops selling antique furniture and vintage clothing, traditional cafes, taverns and spice markets can travel you back in time and give you a taste of old Athens.

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Afternoon in Ermou Street
By Panos Asproulis under CC BY-ND 2.0


Seek the best view from any terrace around central Athens. Apart from the cozy, bohemian and elegant bars, Athens also offers a plethora of roof bars in hotels and hostels. Some of them might only be open for their guests; however, there are still plenty that would be more than happy to serve you a refreshing cocktail with magnificent views.

See the other side of Plaka. For an off the beaten track walk in Plaka, head for the unique neighborhood of Anafiotika. Resembling the tiny Cycladic island of Anafi, the area is filled with cafés and taverns to ease you appetite.

To soak up that all important sun, sea and sand, explore the beaches lining the coast of Attica. From crowded organized beaches to secluded idyllic coves the wider Attica area caters for all tastes. Fun lovers can swim in the beaches of Varkiza and Glyfada featuring top-notch beach bars and beautiful people. Couples and isolators will be more than happy to swim in the coves of Sounio.

Get your checked tablecloth and a basket filled with sandwiches, wine and fruit ready and set off for a pick-nick day in the parks of Attica. You can either spend your day on Filopappou hill overlooking the Acropolis or relax in the lush green surrounding of Andreas Syggros park in the northern suburbs. Have your lunch right beside the gothic church, which is unique in the whole of Greece.  Other choices include the park in Kesariani Shooting Range where you can also use the local snack-bar, and the eco-park of Antonis Tritsis featuring ponds with little ducks, lush green surroundings and information kiosks.

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By Zoe Mouchritsa