What Should You Wear While In Casablanca Morocco?

Casablanca, Morocco, stands out when compared with other cities in the country. That is because we are looking at a westernized city that still maintains Moroccan culture but is highly influenced by other facts. Based on the season where you will visit, it is a good idea to know what to pack, what to wear since you do not want to stand out of the crowd as a tourist, or at least stand out in a negative way.


Casablanca, Morocco
By Milamber’s portfolio under CC BY 2.0


What To Wear In Casablanca During The Summer

During the summer, Casablanca is extremely hot. However, you still need to be conservative and it does not matter that you will be setting. Even if you are faced with very high temperatures, you should never wear a mini dress.

During summer, consider the following:

  • Loose, flowy and modest clothing is always the best.
  • The shoes should be closed toe because we have many streets that are broken or under construction. Make sure that you choose comfortable styles.
  • Even if in Casablanca you can expose bare legs, the length of the skirt or dress should still be at around the same level as the knee.
  • Sweater and socks still need to be available because of the fact that floors are chilly and the temperatures do drop a lot during the night.
  • If you want to visit a mosque, you need long sleeves, pants and scarves or you will be denied access.

What To Wear in Casablanca During The Winter

As you already expect, Casablanca is warm during the day and cold during the night in the winter season. Day temperatures reach 50 to 75 Fahrenheit and night temperatures are at around 30 to 40 degrees.

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During winter, consider the following:

  • Take one jacket with you that will match most of the other clothes that you pack.
  • Flat boots are always suitable because of the same reason we mentioned above when we talked about the streets.
  • Breathable tops with long sleeves are practical and you can always layer with sweaters or jackets as you can remove some clothes in the event that it is too hot.
  • Scarves are always necessary as even walking in the shade can turn out to be cold.

What To Wear In Casablanca During The Night:

A lot of people forget about this. Going out in this city means that you will meet a lot of venues that are basically filled with European visitors, business travelers and local expats. Many women will be seen that wear revealing clothing but do not be tempted to mistake this for freedom. Most of these ladies are prostitutes and you do not want to be confused with one.

You can enjoy the entire nightlife scene in Casablanca, Morocco. You can wear high heels and short dresses but it is a really good idea for women to always take a cab and go from destination to destination. Walking streets alone while wearing revealing clothing is a really bad idea and you should never do something like this.