What Is The Best Time To Visit Namibia?

There are so many people that want to know what the best time to visit Namibia is. We cannot offer a definite answer since the situation is quite complex. Everything depends on various factors including where you want to go, the reason why you travel and what your interests are. The best time possible for one person may be horrible for another. However, when looking at the weather stats, we can figure out the best time to visit Namibia based on our interests. With this in mind, let us focus on climate to help you choose.


Keep in mind that the weather patterns in Africa are now a little unpredictable, most likely due to the effects of global warning. The country is partially covered by Namib Desert, which is one of the driest of all from around the world. This has a strong impact on the weather as it is really dry and very pleasant. Because of this, we can say that you can visit during any day of the week. Between the months of December and March there are some humid days and rain may appear, usually localized, or afternoon thunderstorms. You will notice that this are more common in the Eastern and Central parts of Namibia. They are really unusual in the desert.

April and May are the two months when most tourists come to Namibia. The weather is really dry and the air is fresh. A lot of greenery is seen in landscapes and the air does not have much dust in it.

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June to August shows the Namibia weather cooling down. It also gets drier and nights are colder, sometimes dropping below freezing temperature. Landscape will dry. From September to October the weather starts to get warmer again. It is a perfect time frame for game-viewing but there is much dust around. Also, vegetation does not have the perfect vibrancy.

November is the only month of the year that is not actually recommended. It is really variable. Sometimes it is really hot and the dry weather will continue. In other years a lot of clouds will be present and rain can always start. The only reason to visit during this month is to have the possibility of seeing the first rain of the year, which is always great.