Best Theaters To Go To In Chicago

As you are here, it is a certainty that you are a little overwhelmed by the various theaters that Chicago has to offer. The great thing about this city is that there are so many options that are available. Great plays exist every single day so you will have something to watch, no matter what you may enjoy. There are currently 300 theaters in Chicago. Choosing can be tough.

In order to help you out, let us discuss some of the categories in which some theaters in Chicago are recommended.

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Movement Based Theaters In Chicago:

  • The Building Stage
  • Redmoon
  • TUTA (The Utopian Theatre Asylum)
  • The House
  • 500 Clown
  • Lookingglass
  • Plasticene

Theaters With New Plays

Theatre Oobleck is always recommended since the plays are free. However, other options are definitely interesting. You can check out Collaboraction, which currently hosts the annual sketchbook for people that need a place to debut. Other theaters that you can consider include:

  • Chicago Dramatists
  • New Leaf
  • Victory Gardens Theatre

Improv Theaters

The Second City needs to be on your list as there are some pretty great performances there. However, you can also opt for IO, ComedySportz and NeoFuturists.


While there are many theaters in Chicago that offer musicals, three of them are specialized in such performances: Porchlight, Light Opera Works and New Tuners.


The Large Theaters

There are some companies that have really big theaters. You need to see them as among the best places to go to in Chicago if you are looking for great plays due to the budgets that are available. Most of these actually started off as small companies and managed to make a name for themselves as time passed. Steppenwolf and Chicago Shakespeare are the 2 options that you can consider if you also want to see a part of drama history in the city. However, other large companies like The Court, Northlight and The Goodman offer great plays. Obviously, Chicago Theater has to be on the list!

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Look For Discounts

Since we are faced with 300 theater companies in Chicago, you can easily imagine the fact that there is a huge competition between them. Make sure that you look for potential discounts before you buy a ticket. There are many that are available.

Students should always look for and ask for student rates. There are some substantially reduced prices that are offered for students. The student ID that you have does work as an Arts Pass and can even get you into some shows for free.

It is also a good idea to go to preview shows. They usually happen 1 week before the play officially opens. Tickets are a lot cheaper. You will notice that different theater companies will ask for feedback so that they can improve the performance. Be a part of the creative process and enjoy wonderful plays in Chicago at lower prices.