Wonderful Museums To Visit In Cape Town

The truth is that there are various Cape Town museums that you can visit and it is really tough to choose one that you would love. Tourists can easily spend days just visiting museums, learning about culture and history associated with the city. If you love museums, here are some that you absolutely need to consider.

South African Museum

The South African Museum offers access to tremendous history collections and there are also some tremendous social history collections you can see. You will particularly love the life-size casts of Whale Well and the Ocean Life exhibition.

Cape Town Planetarium

The auditorium here is impressive, especially for children. It is a perfect museum that has to be visited by families, an audio-visual experience that is perfect for everyone. There are children’s shows for those that are 5 to 10, being renowned for the introduction to astronomy, which is flawless. You can also take part in some excellent shows for experts and teenagers.

BoKaap Museum

Opened every day except Sunday from 10 to 17, the museum is basically a treat for all those that look for authentic info material being on display. The exhibitions that are shown are always great and you will get the opportunity to see a glimpse of the Cape Malay community.

Gold Of Africa Museum

This museum is closed on Sundays and different public holidays. it is a favorite for many of those that travel to Cape Town, especially because it is located inside a historic building that dates back from 1783 and is fully restored. There are over 350 golden artifacts on display from Western African culture. The goldsmithing collection is rich and hard to not appreciate. You will love the items that have intricate details on them and there are also different temporary collections that add to the overall experience.

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District Six Museum

This museum is opened from 9 to 14 during Mondays and up to 16 from Tuesday to Saturday. During Sundays you can only visit by appointments. What is interesting is that you enter this museum based on donations so you can surely afford it. Once inside, you will get to see glimpses of the real life of District Six people. District Six is a Cape Town innercity suburb that disappeared (was demolisehd) during Apartheid. You can see various exhibitions with memories and resources that talk about District Six. It is hard not to appreciate everything that this museum offers since it shows you a piece of life.