Darwin Australia: A breathtaking exotic place any tourist should visit

Darwin, one of the most beautiful tropical cities in Australia is an amazing place where tourists can have an unforgettable time thanks to the dozens of activities and unique places they can see here. Not only is Darwin the home of the most important natural places in the world, but with its outdoor lifestyle and Asian influenced food, everyone coming here will be shocked to see a side of the world they never thought could possibly exist.


The best of Darwin Australia

Magical markets

It seems that the local markets make up a great part of the Darwin lifestyle and for those who want to try its cuisine, it’s enough to head over to the famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets where they can sample international cuisine from sixty food stalls. There are just too many types of cuisines to try and some of them include Japanese, Cambodian, Greek, Turkish, Sri Lankan and many more. After dinner time is over, visitors can shop for a souvenir or a gift at the crafty and art stalls, treat themselves to a locally made mango smoothie or ice-cream and enjoy the street performers and musicians that entertain the crowds.


Natural swimming holes

If things get too hot for some, they can cool off with a short swim in the crystal clear plunge pool. That can be found on under the Wangi or Florence falls which are permanently spring-fed. After enjoying the refreshing swim, people can relax by soaking in the 3 tiered cascades that are shaded by the rainforest, while at the same time enjoying the music of nature surrounding them. However, camping is also an option for those who just can’t get enough of nature’s music and breathtaking allure.

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Darwin Australia
By Bidgee (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Explore the park on foot

A longer overnight hike or a short bushwalk are great ways for unwinding in a way that lets anyone connect with nature at a deeper and more intimate level. Walking through cypress cycads and pines to the Tolmer Falls viewing platform and eventually visiting the popular colonies of rare bats are definitely an adrenaline booster for those who are fond of nighttime explorations.

The ones that have more energy though can take the 3,5 kilometer trail that goes along the Walker creek or they can challenge themselves to walking a 39 kilometers Tabletop Track which prizes the winner with its wonderful crystal clear waterfalls.


Darwin blue water

Because Darwin is basically sitting on a peninsula, it’s surrounded on 3 sides by seas. On its east side is the Shoal Bay, on the north side the Timor Sea and on the western side the Darwin harbor. With plenty of boat ramps servicing each of these 3 bodies of water, tourists are provided with easy access to blue water.

On top of that, for those who want to enjoy some quality fishing here, they only need to take their fishing gear with themand start enjoying their favorite hobby. Even better, some may feel like taking their kayak and go for a ride at large, to have a better grasp of why this place is so popular and well known for.

As this article conveys, Darwin is one of those almost fantasy like places that people with a desire for adventure and also ultimate relaxation will definitely want to visit. And who can blame them, considering that Darwin is a perfect mixture of exotic and breathtaking natural landscapes?