India’s Stunning Mysterious Places

India is filled with numerous mysterious places. This should not be a surprise given the fact that we are talking about a country that is built around mysticism. The culture and history of this country are both rich. Millions of people in India believe in paranormal and metaphysical realities. People from all around the world visit because of this mystery, with the following places being must-visits for those looking for something they cannot explain.

The Abandoned Village – Kuldhara, Rajasthan

2 centuries ago there were over 1,500 people living here as members of the Paliwal Brahmins community. They have been living there vor over 500 years. One day though, everyone just left. Folklore says that Kuldhara people did not leave this village as you see it now, without worrying about anything else. The place is said to be cursed and no future settlements could exist. Now you just find an old temple, numerous rumors, stories about the evacuation and dilapidated buildings.

The Village Of Twins – Kodinhi, Kerala

Kodinhi is a relatively small village that could not have been interesting for anyone in other parts of the world. However, the number of twin births there is simply huge. There are actually over 200 twin pairs and even 2 triplet sets. Even the women that came from Kodinhi and that married in other cities report many births and twin births. No researcher managed to explain why so many twins are born in Kodinhi, although the most probable explanation can be found in the water chemical makeup.

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The Skeleton Lake – Roopkund, Uttarakhand

When the ice melts a glacial lake follows. It is located at a huge elevation of 16,500 feet. When the ice melts human skeletons appear and float at the surface. A forest ranger discovered the skeletons that are now shrouded in obvious mystery. Radiocarbon testing and forensic specialists say the corpses are 1,200 years old. Absolutely nobody knows the identity of these people, why they were in this part of the Himalayas and why their remains are in the lake.

Birds Committing Suicide – Jatinga, Assam

What can be weirder and more mysterious than having animals kill themselves? Jatinga is a great holiday destination for those looking for relaxation but every single year during the monsoon months this weird phenomenon happens. After sunset hundreds of birds commit mass suicide every single day. Obviously, the locals think that there are some evil spirits that are responsible. Ornithologists would not agree with this and they say that birds are dazed because of the high altitude and the presence of fog. Why the birds are flying during the night is still cannot be explained.

The Drowning Church – Shettihalli, Karnataka

The Rosary Church was built in the 1860s by French missionaries. This building had both an orphanage and a church, together with a hospital. 100 years later the Gorur Dam was built. Villages that were upstream needed to be relocated. Villagers left the church. Every single year this church submerges during monsoon season. Because of this, the new name appeared and a shred of mystery instantly appeared.

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