Great Things To Do When In Macau With Children

The Macau of today is much different than what older people remember. We are talking about the only area in the country of China that legalized gambling. In fact, Macau is among the best gambling travel destinations in the entire world. Income is similar to that of the really flashy Las Vegas.

What is interesting is that the US-based casinos influx actually made the entire region kid-friendly. There are now numerous things that you can do in Macau if you travel with children. Some options you want to consider are presented below.

Extra Tip: As opposed to Las Vegas, in Macau children are not allowed to go through casinos, even if just in transit.

Stay In A Hotel That Does Not Offer Gambling Options

There are numerous family-friendly hotels in Macau but the best option is considered to be the Four Seasons Hotel Macao. Because this is a non-gaming destination, the entire hotel is more relaxed. The clientele is more family-friendly and you get to experience what Four Seasons is all about. Special amenities are always in place and you can enjoy any of the 5 swimming pools. As a tip, choose the one that has a waterfall.

The Macau Tower

You can do many different things when you visit the Macau Tower. Teenagers can get the thrill of their live as they attempt the highest bungee jump in the entire world. You can also start a sky walk that will make you fear your life. All you need is a harness and you might need it since the edge is under 2 meters wide.

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Macau Tower has 61 stories so you can expect much more than just adrenaline rides. You can visit the outdoor or indoor observation decks and the restaurant that is constantly rotating 360 degrees in order to offer incredible panoramic views. If you want to eat, you should know you can enjoy numerous international favorites but the Portuguese offering is simply wonderful.

Hang Out At The Beach

Hac Sa Beach, which is located on Coloane Island, bas an incredible black sand beach you can see. Most of it is like that and the yellow sand that is there was actually imported to assist with erosion. Crowds are not numerous and you will surely enjoy some waterskiing, together with other amenities like play area for kids, picnic areas, tennis courts and much more.

Extra Tip: If you visit Hac Sa Beach with your kids, be sure to go to Fernando’s Restaurant. It is completely kid-friendly.

Cotai Strip Resorts – The DreamWorks Experience

Kids that love DreamWorks characters and want to eat breakfast or just parade with them need to consider this destination. The Cotai Strip Resorts give you opportunities to dine with Shrek and much more. This is available at Holiday Inn and Sheraton.


Qube is located inside Venetian Macao and is practically a play zone for children with computer games, climbing structures, pool tables and many other interesting activities. It is wonderful for young children and teenagers. Even locals can often be found at the Qube.

Lord Stow’s Egg Tarts

Lord Stow’s simply revolutionized the Macau egg tarts. Children love the foods served, with the most popular branch being the one at The Venetian. Coloane Island is the location of the original Lord Stow’s though so you might want to consider that. You simply cannot understand what the big fuss is all about until you visit. These egg tarts have a crust that is similar to that of a sugar cookie, not pastry. Combine this with the baked egg custard you get in the center and you have a wonderful treat your kids will just love.

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The Venetian’s Macao Gondola

Venetian Macao is a massive casino, the largest in the entire world. It also stands out as the world’s largest building when thinking just about floor space. It is important to get a map or you will get lost. It is enough to say that there are 3 canals you can enjoy. Gondeliers sing and the entire family loves the experience.

The House Of Dancing Water

This is a truly incredible show that is unique to the region of Macau. An astounding $250 million was spent to build it. We are talking about a stage that holds almost 4 million gallons of water. You can see water jet displays, motorcycle stunts, acrobatics and practically any possible thing you could imagine. If you can only see one show with your kids, this is definitely the best one.

The Ruins Of St. Paul’s

This is the number one landmark of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This sixteenth century façade was from a cathedral and a college. It is all that remains standing after a typhoon destroyed everything. Steel reinforced the rear and you can now climb a stairway all the way to the top. The best thing about it is that admission is completely free.

See Some Giant Pandas

In order to celebrate the reunification of Macau to China, two giant pandas were given. Now we have access to the beautiful Giant Panda Pavilion. It might be a little out of the way if you are not already present on Coloane Island. Not much time is spent there but children that are around 12 or under will simply love the experience.

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