These Are The Best Houston Museums

Houston is not as popular as San Antonio or Austin as a tourist destination but those that decide to visit do get the opportunity of gaining access to a city that has quite a great culture. There are many great museums in Houston, surprising most of those that visit. Without further ado, here are those that have to be on your to-visit list.

Space Center Houston

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You will want to take advantage of the 1 and a half hour tram tour that will take you past astronauts that are training and you get the opportunity of exploring some vehicles as they are prepared for space travel. Space Center Houston offers various simulations and interactive displays that will captivate the attention of the visitor. Feel Of Space is the most impressive one for many visitors, offering an emulation of working in an environment without friction.

Museum Of Fine Arts

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This is the very first art museum in Texas and covers an impressive 300 thousand square feet. There are over 40 thousand art pieces and 18 acres of lovely gardens. This is a museum that opened during the twenties and eventually became one of the largest art institutions in the country. You will want to view the post impressionist and impressionist collections as they are truly incredible.

Houston Museum Of Natural Science

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You gain access to much more than the regular dinosaur bones, insect specimens and stuffed animals here. You will want to visit the Butterfly Center, which is a recreated rainforest habitat housing so many butterflies. Obviously, the visual appeal is tremendous. The Insect Zoo is always visible since it is right next to the entrance, housing beetles, really large spiders and much more.

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Children’s Museum Of Houston

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Obviously, given the name, this is the most playful of all the Houston museums. It is dedicated to children 12 years old and younger, offering bilingual and interactive displays. Matter Factory has to be visited as kids can learn about molecules and atoms. A visit to Kidtropolis will aloe children to play roles of voter, shopkeeper, city leader and much more. If you want to visit with a child that is younger than 3 years old, TotSpot is the place to visit. Physical ability discovery is the focus here in an environment that is highly entertaining.

Menil Collection

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Menil Collection is off the often beaten tourist paths but it is highly esteemed. The museum appeared as Dominique and Jean Menil started to amass art collections after World War II, eventually opening a really interesting museum. You can easily find some great tribal art, medieval and Byzantine works. The antiquity pieces are shining and only one fifth of the amassed collection is displayed at one point in time. Several visits may be necessary if you get a chance to.