5 Most Interesting Moscow Museums You Want To Pay To Visit

With so much history it should be no surprise to see so many great museums one can visit in Moscow, Russia. Many are free to enter and some are paid. We will only focus on those that have a paid visit that you absolutely want to consider paying. Every single one of these Moscow museums has something special making them must see for anyone that loves such an activity when visiting a city.

State Tretyakov Gallery

This is the main art gallery in Russia’s capital and it features over 17,000 art works. You can get the opportunity of seeing how Russian paintings evolved in history and get to admire some incredible masterpieces. What is particularly interesting is that the guided tours here actually first started in the fifties. Tours are now available in French, English, German and Russian. Most visitors will check the Lavrushinsky Lane building because of an interest in older Russian art.

Multimedia Art Museum

This is considered to be the most impressive of Moscow’s museum, actually being made out of 3 museums. Various exhibitions are normally held at the exact same time, including photography from modern times or older time periods. Many design students from around the world come to Moscow just to see the collections featuring works by Schelkovsky, Banksy and Hirst, among many others.

Jewish Museum And Tolerance Center

We can say that this is the most innovative museum, one that opened in the year 2012. The former bus depot covers 8,500 square meters with a wonderful permanent exposition featuring culture and history works of Jewish origins. Information here is offered in a highly interactive way. You are actually allowed to touch many exhibits. Guided tours are available in Hebrew and English.

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Shchusev State Museum Of Architecture

This is the one museum that is often overlooked, mainly because it is underestimated by many. It features a huge focus put on architecture and showcases many works from Western and Russian architects. Guided tours offered in foreign languages only recently appeared and are offered thanks to museum workers. The problem is that just 4 are available so if you go with a larger group, you may want to look for an external specialist source.

Garage Center For Contemporary Culture

This highly fashionable Moscow museum is a really popular art space. It is now located in Gorky Park following 2012 and did became highly attractive for people that are creative, including art school students, museum workers, hipsters and practically anyone interested in culture from contemporary times. The popularity of the museum started to grow gradually because of art lectures held there on a constant basis. This means you will always need to check schedules to know what you could experience during your visit.