Best Churches You Want To Visit In Ireland

Best Churches You Want To Visit In Ireland

Ireland is renowned for so many great travel attractions available for tourists of different tastes. This includes churches. You will get a chance to see so many tremendous churches in Ireland and you want to visit at least some of them since they are definitely great. Every single one on the list below is a wonderful Irish church that is highly popular among tourists.

Dublin – Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

saint patrick's cathedral

Whenever talking about Ireland churches, this is one that has to be considered. It is the largest of the country and is the only one in the country that does not have a bishop. This cathedral is listed as the National Ireland Cathedral. To make it even more interesting, various major attractions are close-by. There are also many on-site with Jonathan Swift Grave being a popular example.

Kerry County – Gallarus Oratory

Gallarus Oratory

This is an ancient church that looks like a boat that was turned upside down. In the Dingle Peninsula this is considered to be quite a historic gem. You cannot miss it since it is pretty unique in the landscape. At the same time, there is a really large tourism infrastructure that guarantees you will easily get to the part of the church that you want to see.

Cork County – Saint Colman’s Cathedral

Saint Colman’s Cathedral

This is a church that took a long time to build, 50 years. It was erected on a sandstone bed and clearly highlights a French Gothic Style. You will surely like the octagonal towers, the gargoyles, the rose windows and the high pointed arches. In this cathedral, if you do not have much time to visit, make sure that you look at the Sacred Heart Chapel.

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Down County – Saint Patrick’s Church

Saint Patrick’s ChurchThis is a remarkably restrained small church that was built in order to commemorate the Saint Patrick’s mission anniversary in the 1500s. You will instantly notice the bell tower since it is classical, similar to Irish round towers, a symbol of great architecture. There is just one decoration available in the form of a picture of Saint Patrick. This Saul based church is the first church that was built by Patrick, one that clearly highlights his humble nature.

Wicklow County – Saint Kevin’s Kitchen

Saint Kevin’s Kitchen

The small round tower feature church is a complete Glendalough monument. There are not many available at the moment. The name of the kitchen appeared because of the way in which the tower looked, being similar to a chimney. While this is an Ireland church that is not open for visitors, it is still one that you want to see due to how stunning it is.

Dublin – Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

If you can only visit one city in Ireland and you want to see many great churches, you do want to visit Dublin. Christ Church Cathedral is another tremendous example that has to be considered, being erected by Strongbow for Laurence O’Toole. The unusual part of this church is the presence of a crypt, one that is really huge, a rarity in this city. Nowadays, the crypt stands out as a museum dedicated to the cathedral.