Castles To Visit In The South Of France

France is famous for its well-known castles. There are numerous interesting French castles that tourists go visit each year because there is a lot of history to explore there. If you go on a trip on the south side of France you will discover at least ten amazing castles to visit and have a great time during the tour.

The Castle of Entrecasteaux

Castle of Entrecasteaux

The Castle of Entrecasteaux is a historic fortress from the XIth century. It has been totally decorated and rehabilitated which makes it even a greater attraction for tourists who decide to go to France each year. It now features antique furniture, elegant paintings and tapestries that make it look really great. It is also surrounded by amazing, elegant gardens which have been inspired by the designs of Le Notre. The castle is on private property and his owner lives there but yet it is open for visitation all year round for interested visitors.

The Castle of Vins sur Caramy

Castle of Vins sur Caramy

The Castle of Vins sur Caramy features a lot of history and interesting legends surrounding its existence. It dates back from the Renaissance. The caste has been restored with its double loggias as well as its elegant courtyard. It is not owned by the state but considered private property. The owner allows those who wish to visit it unlimited access all year round.

The Castle of Ponteves

Castle of Ponteves

The Castle of Ponteves is a mediaeval one built entirely on rock. It is the main attraction in the special area of Ponteves, one of the main villages from the Var department. There are three main buildings included in the castle and four imposing towers flank the castle. It includes 50 rooms, 4 large cellars, 14 bedrooms and a very interesting gallery that visitors love to see whenever they visit the castle.  It looks absolutely amazing after almost felling into total ruin during the 18th century.

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The Castle of Valbelles

Castle of Valbelles

If you are interested in visiting all the amazing castles in the South of France then you should also definitely stop and see the Castle of Valbelles. Even though there are only mostly remnants left from the castle for visitation it is totally worth it because the type of history and legend featured by this castle is absolutely unique. You will be impressed by the amazing miniature pyramid and the innovative stairway that will remind you of the past history of France.

The Castle of ST Martin de Pallieres

Castle of ST Martin de Pallieres

The Castle of St Martin de Pallieres is an amazing proof of how much history France has to reveal for worldwide visitors. The castle was built on an imposing square layout that features an interesting tower at each and every corner. The most amazing thing about the castle is that it has preserved its original and amazing looking vaulted halls as well as its monumental kitchen that everyone wants to see when visiting the castle. It features apartments on the first floor and these are the ones that had to be restored.

If you decide to go to France then you must visit the main castles found in the south of France. They are important monuments which can remind you of all the amazing history of the country and all the legends that it has to tell to each and every person who decides to visit it.