Great Britain’s Most Remote Places You Can Stay In

So many travelers say that they are interested in getting away from everything when they travel but they do not even know about these remote places that we are going to mention in Great Britain. What is quite interesting is that there are always locations that one can visit and that do not draw in many tourists. Relaxation is definitely possible when you research all available options. If you are looking for incredibly remote destinations in Great Britain, these need to be considered.

No Man’s Fort

A stay here means you will be surrounded by water. The only way to reach the island is by helicopter or private transfer. Day visits are available but your goal is definitely an evening stay since it shows you how it was like for people to defend Britain in the past. This is a former military fort located off the Portsmouth coast, built around 150 years ago as Great Britain was defending against the Napoleon III led invasion. It was also very important during the 2 world wars. The beginning price for a stay at No Man’s Fort is 400 pounds per night.

Pentop Cottage

Pentop Cottage is a wonderful secluded Wales location that is private and surrounded by the Gwydir Forest. The escape is perfect as the cottage is self-catered and privacy is practically guaranteed. You can explore many nature trails and waterfalls, all perfectly complemented by star gazing. The location is actually renowned for being a perfect star gazing location in GB. A night stay will put you back a little over 200 pounds.

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Isle Of Eriska Hotel

This is practically the only hotel on the entire island so you can be sure your stay will be quite private. You can only get to the island through Scottish mainland via bridge. Privacy and exclusivity are at home. On Eriska Island you can expect different options to relax but this does not mean you will not feel luxurious. There is a Michelin-starred restaurant, a golf course, wildlife seeing and a spa. You will need to pay around 370 pounds for a double room stay here.

Knockinaam Lodge

The lodge covers 30 acres of lush greenery with lawn that is simply great and a private beach. The lodge has a long history. This property was at one point Winston Churchill’s secret meeting point with General Eisenhower. It was built as a hunting lodge initially in 1869 and now it is a wonderful small boutique hotel that has only ten rooms. A Michelin-starred restaurant is present on site though and if you want to stay for the night, a double room will cost 290 pounds, including breakfast.

Sumburgh Head Lighthouse

Staying at a lighthouse is obviously going to be rustic. What is even more interesting is that this location is self-catering and offers great ocean views. You can get closer to the most northern island in Britain and there are 3 lighthouses where you can stay. At Sumburgh Head you will feel as if civilization is way far away and everything is basically incredibly charming. A 3 nights stay (this is the minimum) will cost 237 pounds for the entire lighthouse. This means 5 people can stay there.