6 Haunted Theaters You May Want To Visit For A Spooky Performance

If you love theaters and haunted places you should consider visiting the following haunted theaters. Performances will take a whole different meaning when you think about the haunted history of a theater while you watch the shows. Check these out for some great experiences.

Theater Royal – Drury Lane, London, UK

The theater opened in 1663 with the current building dating back from 1812. This is London’s oldest continually working theater. Many different ghost stories were accumulated as the years passed. The one that is the most famous is about The Man In Grey. This was an eighteenth century gentleman that was often spotted by actors, stage hands and audience members sitting in an upper box. Locals say that when he appears the show will have good luck.

New Amsterdam Theater – New York, NY

A 16 year old girl that was beautiful came to Manhattan and became a part of Ziegfeld Follies. At 25 she died but that was not the end as she seems to have come back many different times. The specter was often reported carrying a pill bottle. Men usually see her and the stage hands are said to salute her when they see her portrait hanging in the back.

Palace Theater – New York, NY

So many ghost stories are associated with New York locations, including those of around 100 spirits that are stalking the Palace Theater. Judy Garland is said to be the most known one, appearing close to the orchestra pit close to a door. Louis Bossalina’s ghost is also often reported as he recreates the botched performance that caused his death.

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Boston University Theater – Boston, MA

During the middle of the twenties, Henry Jewett, stage impresario and actor, created the Boston Repertory Theater. In 5 years the company ended up bankrupt and the theater was turned into a movie house. Jewett died in 1930 by killing himself right under the stage. As expected, it is said that his ghost still followed the shows and appears often during the rehearsals. It is also said that he ghost is playing with the lights. Besides him, we also see a ghost of a lady in white but this is quite common in most haunted theaters.

Palais Garnier – Paris, France

What few people know is that it is true there is an underground lake right under Palais Garnier. The theater’s chandelier fell killing a worker in 1896. Based on who you are talking to, there are different ghosts that are seen by people, with the name Erik often being used. Erik’s skeleton was never actually found but in 2007 there was a collection of phonographic records that was discovered. As you can see, all this is similar to what you see in The Phantom Of The Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Palace Theater – Los Angeles, CA

An original vaudeville house and movie theater, the Palace Theater is the oldest buildings of its kind in Los Angeles. This place was the background of Thriller by Michael Jackson, with many real chills being present. Durin segregation years there was an upper balcony that seated African-American guests. After the wing was eliminated, mysterious figures started materializing right there.