Tidbits on How to Prepare For Summer Camping

It is summer again and joy, fun and pleasurable moments are in the offing. The question is; are you ready to go camping. If you are a newbie then you probably have no or very little idea about camping but even if you have gone camping before, you may need to remind yourself. Here, we will show you how to prepare when you want to go for summer fishing, kayaking or camping.


What You Need To Take Into Account

There are several things you need to look in to before you set out. Here are the most important ones:

Preferred destination: Where have you planned to go for your summer fishing, Kayaking or camping? I guess you had this figured out early enough. The question is how well do you understand your preferred destination? Do a thorough research and learn about security, safety and the weather conditions of the place.

Who is your company: The easiest to handle is a small family trip. For larger groups such as friends, workmates or colleagues, more has to be taken into account. You should learn their needs, can they walk a lot, allergies and let’s not forget to ask if anyone is a vegetarian.

Insurance and other health information: Fishing, kayaking or any other summer camping trips are enjoyable but may also present health challenges. If injuries occur then those affected can obtain the best health care there is because of insurance. Health information about your company; whether family or friend is important. For example, it is important to know information about possible allergic reactions and chronic illnesses

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Prepare adequate amounts of food: There is nothing as stressful as going camping without adequate amounts of food. Take food enough for three meals a day and an optional snack as well as refreshments. Avoid carrying large amounts of perishables because they can go bad easily and cause food poisoning when consumed.

Gather all and pack things you need: Your camping checklist pretty much depends on the kind of trip you are making. The basic requirements are shelter, clothing, cooking stuff, bedding and most importantly First Aid Kit.

By NJR ZA (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
By NJR ZA (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Special Requirements for Fishing Trips and Kayaking

Fishing and kayaking are two of the best ways to enjoy summer. You need to carry with you a great and reliable kayak or boat. While it is great to operate a kayak or a boat with a paddle, you can make it better by taking an electric outboard motor with you.

Outboard motors allow cruise sailing that makes kayaking and boat riding great experiences. There are several designs and brands, which offer different kind of performance and reliability. Do your research and ensure that the outboard motor you choose is appropriate for you boat or kayak and that it will not fail when you need it.

If you take the steps mentioned above, your summer camping trip will be enjoyable, safe and a time to look forward for. One caution though! You should not over pack because this can make traveling strenuous, stressful and expensive. Pack only what your trip needs and nothing more.


Article written by Kerry Blake – MS Office expert and a blogger. as I am preparing for camping so I have decided to share my research. I hope you will find this tips useful and I invite you tom share your tips or experience.