Try Going Under: Ten Underground Hotels All Over the World

Have you ever tried travelling with a little twist? Tired of your ordinary hotel? Well it’s time to change that vacation plan! Life is short so take a risk or something new once in a while. This will give you a new perspective in life and might take off some stressful memories. With thousands of options that life has to offer, there are countless possibilities on what it has in store for you.


I find ordinary hotels boring after my last trip. Well its not that the service and accommodation is bad, its just that I’m looking for something more exciting. So I decided to look for new and unique hotels for my next vacation. After an hour and a half of looking through the web, it seemed that my quest for unique hotels will turn out sour. I was about to give up when I accidentally clicked a link from a site I visited. Then to my amazement, my search was over. I finally found the type of hotel that will give me much excitement, and they are hotels that are underground. Yes! Hotels underneath the earth are my new sources of excitement when travelling and I can’t wait for my trip. Here is a glimpse of the exciting places that I’ll be visiting soon:


1.SalaSilvermine – Sala, Sweden

This place is actually a mine and allows visitors to stay at the mine suite, which is considered as the deepest hotel room in the world.With a depth of 508 feet, the salasilvermine is definitely one of the best underground hotels in the world. This allows the tourists to enjoy its complimentary wine and cheese without it melting.

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2.Desert Cave Hotel – Coober Pedy, South Australia

Once a popular opal mine is Australia, the Desert Cave Hotel has been catering to tourists and local travelers since 1988. It enables the travelers to experience the “underground life” while giving them 4 star accommodation. With 50 rooms, 19 of them underground, this hotel provides both a unique and luxurious experience to adventurers of all ages.


By Lodo27 from Moscow, Russia (Own work (Lodo27)) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
By Lodo27 from Moscow, Russia (Own work (Lodo27)) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

3.Kelebek Cave Hotel – Cappodocia, Turkey

The Kelebek cave is located in the center of the village of Goreme. This provides guests with spacious living and volcano formed fairy tale type chimneys while enjoying the cave ambiance.armed with a traditional setting and a Turkish breakfast, it continues to become a hit among tourists.

4.Woodlyn Park – Waitomo, New Zealand

Having a hobbit like theme for its hotel, Woodlyn Park will definitely attract Lord of the Rings fans from all over the world. Tourists will experience what its like to be a character in one of Toilken’s greatest novels while enjoying a unique accommodating experience.

5.La Claustra – Airolo, Switzerland

A former military house, the La Caustra is a hotel that is inside a mountain. The Swiss Army gave up the space in 1999 giving the owner the chance to redecorate it into a 4 star hotel. Embedded deep inside mountain rock, the La Caustra is considered one of the most luxurious underground hotels in the world.

6.Les HautesRoches – Rochecorbon, France

Located in Loire Valley, Les HautesRoches was a former living quarters of the monks of Abbey. Guests sleep in carved Tuca rock that is housed inside the center of the cliffs. Tourists will also enjoy the velvet like appearance of the tufa rock.

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7.Beckham Creek Cave Lodge – Parthenon, Arkanasa, USA

With its modernized setting, the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge provides a secluded retreat for the stressed out tourists. Complete with jaccuzzis, flat screen tvs and other modern commodities, Beckham Creek is indeed an underground haven for tourists.

8.Cuevas Pedros de Alarcon – Guadix, Spain

Cuevas Pedros de Alarcon has a pre – historic ambiance. Located near Granada, it has been modified to meet hotel specifications. With modernized living commodities and white washed rock walls, guests will be able to experience the accitanno way of living.

 9.Kokopelli’s Cave And Breakfast – Farmington, New Mexico

The special thing about this hotel is that the place itself has been blasted out of rocks. With an area of 1,650 square meters, this hotel sits 280 feet below the Plata River and is made of sandstone. Tourists need not to expect less from the hotel since it will provide a luxurious stay.

 10Null Stern Hotel – to be decided

This amazing hotel was once a Swiss Army Nuclear Bunker. It got shut down not because of bad facilities, but because of overwhelming demand for accommodation. Up to this day, hotel management is  still planning on how they will open a bigger and wider property to quench the thirst for demands.