Wonderful Ruins That Few People Know About

Every person knows about Stonehenge and Machu Picchu but there are so many other options available for those that love antique sites. We will mention some that not many know about. It is a really good idea that you focus on visiting some of these because you would be faced with a really interesting opportunity while you are not going to be bothered by crowds. Just make sure you have all that you need with you so that you can document the experience. It is a certainty that many will want to see what you got a chance to visit. Keep in mind there are many opportunities so do your own research. Start with the following and see what other less-known sites exist.

Koh Ker – Cambodia

The site was abandoned for way over 1,000 years. The northern Cambodia site is just 2 hours away from the well-known Angkor Wat so it is great to schedule a visit if in the area. Once there you will get to see a wonderful 40 meters high seven tiers pyramid. According to specialists, the site is comparable to the Mayan temples.

Choquequirao – Peru

Choquequirao is basically the little sister of Machu Picchu. When travelling to the Americas you want to put the site on the list because it is highly rewarding. Just around 100 people will visit it when dry season comes (this is May to October). If we compare this with the thousands that go to Machu Picchu it is clear that those that look for peace will want to think about Choquequirao. A highlight of the ruin is that it sits on a ridge that is best described as cloud-forest. The scenery is definitely breathtaking and the hike is not that difficult when compared with similar sites of the world.

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Ani – Turkey

In the far east part of Turkey you can find true treasures for the ruin seeker. Ani is one that is not well-known and that has to be considered. It dates back to the eleventh century and was perfectly placed on various important trade routes. Ani flourished for way over four hundred years. The population of the city was of around 100,000 at the peak point. Although destroyed by a massive earthquake in the year 1319, the ruins that remained are still impressive and a delight for history lovers. Prepare a picnic and visit the Zoroastrian fire temple if in the area.

Conimbriga – Portugal

The last lesser-known historic ruin site we will recommend is among the largest of the Roman settlements that were built in Portugal. It is around halfway between the cities of Porto and Lisbon. During the Roman period the town was prosperous. It was not the largest in the area but it is basically the best preserved now. This is a huge advantage. Even if a part of the ruins is being excavated, you can see luxurious houses, a forum, an amphitheatre, baths, gardens, shops, city walls and even working fountains dating back from when the town was at its peak.