Beautiful Monasteries in Latvia

When you travel to Latvia, you will notice many beautiful monasteries. These are churches that have been built around centuries ago to honor saints and other religious figures. They are often decorated with paintings of saints and holy icons.

Aglona Basilica

Aglona Basilica, located in the Latgale region of Latvia, is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country. It is considered the leading Roman Catholic shrine in Latvia. Located in the village of Aglona, this basilica draws more than 150,000 Catholic pilgrims each year.

The origin of the Aglona Basilica goes back to the 17th century, when Dominicans built a monastery. This first church was destroyed in a fire in the 1760s, and the current masonry structure was built in 1780.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, ordinary diocesan priests began serving the church. After the Russian Empire closed down the Dominican order in the 19th century, the church was taken over by the diocesan priests. However, a group of local landlords agreed to build a new church, and the Dominican Order of Vilnius was invited to construct a monastery.

Saldus St. Peter and Paul Church

The Saints Peter and Paul Church is an Eastern Orthodox church in the city of Riga. It is located in the Citadel. This church was built in 1785. In 1836, it became the first Orthodox Church in the Baltic provinces.

There is a tower in the church. The bell weighs 420 kg. One of the two bells is named after St. Gerard.

A statue of the Saints Peter and Paul is in the south apse. They are also featured in two statues near the Holy Face of Jesus.

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The parish’s spiritual life is enhanced through the stewardship of prayer, devotions, and ministering to the parish family. It also reaches out to unchurched persons and the returning Catholic community.

The parish office is closed during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It will reopen on January 3rd.

Projects in Latvian city council and mass media

The mass media environment of Latvia is important for ensuring the integrity of the political system and for the protection of national security. It is also important for the creation and dissemination of identity and values. There are several levels of legal regulation for the mass media sector in Latvia.

Public media journalists, in particular, play an important role. They produce content that is independent of government and provide a critical check on the political power of the state.

Although there are some limitations, the public media’s coverage of the political system is among the most objective. Several candidates from civil society organizations have been elected to the Riga city council.

The Latvian mass media sector is a vital resource for the entire Latvian society. However, it is not well developed from a sustainable point of view. As a result, its influence remains limited.

Restoration of Holocaust property to the Jewish community

The Latvian government has recently agreed to reimburse the Jewish community for property that was taken away from them during World War II. This action demonstrates that justice can be served even 77 years after the Holocaust.

During the Second World War, the Soviet regime took over most of Latvia. The Soviets also seized Jewish property. Although most of the properties were private, the state was still responsible for their confiscation. In response, the Latvian government decided to turn them into state property.

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For the past several decades, the Latvian parliament has debated how to deal with this issue. After years of negotiation, the Latvian Saeima voted to provide restitution to the Jewish community.

The law provides for 40 million euros in compensation payments over ten years. This money will be used for social services and projects that benefit the Jewish community. It will not be given to individual survivors.

First Aid training program for the disabled

The Auxiliary Services of the Order of Malta (SVASA) in Latvia has a number of firsts in its creditable company. For example, the SVASA has been lauded by the Ministry of Welfare as the only organization in Latvia that provides free medical care to people in need.

The SVASA has been supported by the European Union, which explains the fact that this organization is able to offer high-quality health and social care to those who need it most. In addition to providing services to the needy, the organization also educates companies and companies employees on a regular basis.

In addition to the above mentioned aforementioned slew of activities, SVASA has also been involved in supporting the Auto 99 event and providing transportation for Wheel Chairs on Roads of Latvia and Lithuania. This is a good thing for the many disabled members of our society.