Mysterious Places in Saudi Arabia

mysterious places in Saudi Arabia

At first glance, Arabia is often perceived as being nothing more than an endless desert, yet in truth, there lies an incredible archaeological treasure trove hidden away within these borders. These mysterious structures known as mustatils can be found all across Saudi Arabia’s arid landscape and represent one of many archaeological gems hidden away there. Here are some of the best mysterious places in Saudi Arabia.

These kite-shaped paper figures resemble the night sky in form, color, texture, and shine – some even have strings!

1. Al Wahbah Crater

Up until recently, Saudi Arabia’s hidden treasures remained mostly unnoticed by outsiders. Now that tourism has opened up this region of the Arabian Peninsula to more visitors than ever, many spooky places such as Al Wahbah Crater are garnering worldwide attention – one such eerie location is Al Wahbah Crater: an enormous volcanic crater with its own field of salt!

This natural wonder can be found in western Saudi Arabia on the edge of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau in the Hejazi region. At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary maar (volcanic crater), yet with one unusual twist: instead of being filled by water as most maars do, this one’s bottom features white sodium phosphate crystals forming an eye-catching beige psychedelia effect.

Scientific investigation has long suggested that this mysterious formation was created by an ancient meteor strike. But scientific sleuthing has now determined otherwise; scientific sleuthing indicates it may have actually resulted from volcanic activity; possibly when magma flow ran into an underground source of water and caused an explosive magma flow that created a gigantic crater-forming explosion that left only its mark: its giant size crater.

To explore this strange natural phenomenon up-close, there is a hike around the rim of the crater. While much of it may be steep and rocky in places, its views are truly magnificent.

Day and night, you can witness an idyllic sunset here. Additionally, this crater is home to various species of plants and animals unique to its environment – popular among locals who come here for photos of its unique landscape.

At night, however, the place becomes far more unnerving and you should steer clear of visiting anytime during that period of time. There have been reports of ghostly spirits roaming about in this location; therefore it would be wiser if visitors did not visit at night.

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If you plan to visit this area, it is wise to have a driver and unlimited KM available for transportation. Small sedans will suffice for reaching this site; if however, you wish to explore further around the crater rim a 4X4 will be needed.

Jeddah Crater is conveniently close, making it an excellent destination to visit with family and friends. Though slightly costly, it’s worth the visit.

2. Al Shaq

Al Shaq, located near Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia, is one of the most mysterious locations. Famed for its tales centered around djinn-based magic, this haunted house can transform even tough people into petrified statues who won’t step foot into it again. Al Shaq is reported to have claimed 16 people since entering its depths and never making their escape again.

Visit Saudi Arabia is an absolute must, and Al Jabal al Bahar should not be missed on your itinerary! Take photos, and thrill at its beauty, but remember not to stray too far into its depths in case the djinn try playing tricks on you!

Travel with a reliable guide so you can ensure a fun and safe adventure. Not only is the house special; there are other unique attractions here as well, including archaeological and natural marvels as well as learning more about its history.

Al-Shaq Valley in Saudi Arabia, is also home to an ethereal valley known for its seemingly violent earth formation, giving rise to what’s often called the ‘Great Canyon of Saudi Arabia”. Due to its impressive sandstone formations, this valley has also earned itself the name “mystical”.

This location became well-known when featured in a viral video by YouTube ghost hunter Eva Zu Beck. Filmed during the night, Eva saw something moving around a table causing Eva to panic, though many other people had experienced supernatural phenomena at this location before her. Twitter started trending about this spot before some teenagers broke into a nearby hospital and smashed its windows!

Tabuk Province boasts some of the Kingdom’s most mysterious and enchanting sites, like Al Jazirat Al Hamra which is thought to have an ominous past and remains. These stunning ruins give visitors a look into Nabataean history which once flourished here.

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3. Al Falah

Al Falah is an attractive city to call home due to its many high-end amenities and family-oriented atmosphere, not to mention a host of trendy restaurants and cafes that add character. However, some mysterious spots lurk within its boundaries and have caused fear among some residents; such spots may even be considered haunted or have dark histories that must be understood fully before making decisions for or against living there.

Locate several hundred meters away from the North Corniche seafront is one of the scariest buildings in Jeddah: known locally as a “magnet for young people”, with tales about its mysterious djinn-based stories becoming a legend among locals, turning even strong individuals into petrified statues who would dare not venture near this haunted house, truly one of the mysterious places in Saudi Arabia. 16 people entered and disappeared without returning – taxi drivers have become particularly fearful of this haunted building and often share terrifying accounts about it among themselves! Taxi drivers especially are terrified by this place, sharing stories about its tales among themselves about its many tales!

Wadi Jinn in Riyadh has long been the source of supernatural tales, with creatures believed to inhabit this mysterious valley being capable of moving objects such as cars. There have been various explanations proposed as to this phenomenon; some superstitious while others are more scientific; however, the most popular among them being that Wadi Jinn is home to supernatural beings known as JINNS (divine beings).

Saudi Arabia is home to some mysterious places, like Irqah Hospital which is believed to be haunted by jinn. This tale began spreading online through tweets before teenagers broke in and ransacked facilities before setting the entire place ablaze. Jinn is believed to have negative impacts on people’s behavior as well as tempt them into engaging in illicit behavior.

Saudi Arabia is home to some truly exquisite architecture, featuring multiple architectural styles throughout the kingdom. Some of the world’s most iconic structures can be found here; many can be found in the Qassim region alone – home to centuries-old traditions and festivals as well as some breathtaking and mysterious sites.

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4. Al Ula

Over centuries, northwest Saudi Arabia’s vast deserts and rugged mountains have provided shelter to diverse flora, fauna, and human communities. AlUla stands out among these areas with its rich natural heritage, water oasis, and ancient trading route – drawing people in from all over. At this crossroads of continents, AlUla reveals its long and colorful history of Neolithic villages, one of the mysterious places in Saudi Arabia, refined settlements as well as kingdoms such as Dadan-Lihyan-Nabataean-Ottoman rule over time.

At its center lies Hegra, one of the region’s first UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of its most remarkable monuments. Carved from red sandstone, this mountain offers an extraordinary sight – featuring elaborate tombs whose facades once bore epigraphs as well as internal chambers where bodies were interred. However, Hegra isn’t the only stunning rock formation here: Al-Ulad offers another jaw-dropping rock formation containing mustatils or rectangles (rectangles in archaeology), thought to have some linkage with animal sacrifice rituals.

Al Qattara is famous for its intricate sandstone carvings, such as one that looks like an elephant’s trunk. Other rock sculptures around Al Qattara resemble lions, birds, or even cars!

AlUla may remain mysterious to outsiders, yet its cultural scene is flourishing. The futuristic AlUla Contemporary Arts Centre has quickly become one of the region’s architectural masterpieces; its mirrored facade – reflecting the landscape around it – has attracted international star power such as Yanni. Additionally, this center provides numerous events and experiences from astronomy tours to hot air balloon rides on vintage planes.

However, locals are leading the charge: from Hegra’s Old Town alrowahs and archaeologists in Dadan to archaeologists who explore historical art galleries in Dadan – local residents are eager to share their culture not just to attract tourists. Many residents have even been trained as tourist activity organizers (guides or running galleries). Their goal is to diversify the region’s economy away from oil dependency.