5 Beautiful Mysterious Places in Australia

mysterious places in Australia

Australia is well known for its relaxed surf culture, exotic wildlife, and Vegemite; but it also holds numerous mysterious places. You will love all the mysterious places in Australia presented below.

Australia is full of haunted prisons and Antarctic deserts that will give you goosebumps! Read on to discover 5 mysterious spots Down Under that will give you chills.

1. Monte Cristo Homestead

Australia may seem far away at first glance, with stunning coastal views, relaxed surf culture, and exotic wildlife; but its depths contain several haunted places that will leave you cold-footed and stir up your imagination. From homesteads with strange histories to quarantine stations that seem abandoned for good reason – Australia holds many places that will leave a chill down your spine and spark creativity, fantastic mysterious places in Australia!

Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, New South Wales is said to be one of the most haunted houses in Australia. Built by Christopher William Crawley as an 1885 Victorian manor and featuring two-story Victorian manor rooms rumored to have witnessed several deaths including those of stable boys who burned themselves alive, baby girls dropped down stairs, maids being thrown off balconies… The property owners offer candlelit tours through this spine-chilling estate now!

This haunted site is an old psychiatric hospital from the 1860s that was transformed into a museum, antique center, and ghost tour destination in more recent years. Visitors have reported experiencing haunting phenomena like apparitions, ghostly voices and even feeling someone grab their neck when visiting this haunted location. Lawrence Ryan of Lawrence Ryan Museum casually mentions bumping into ghosts just like meeting up with an old footy club friend Bill from time to time.

Wycliffe in Australia‘s outback region boasts of being the “UFO Capital of Australia.” Home to two large alien statues and frequent UFO sightings in its vicinity, locals proudly declare themselves UFO capital.

2. Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol remains one of Australia’s most mysterious landmarks, having once served as a prison that held some of Australia’s most notorious criminals for 79 years of operation. Over this time many prisoners passed through its walls – some never to return again!

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Prisoners incarcerated at this jail were an array of characters by 19th century standards, from bushranger Ned Kelly (cell number 113) and serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming to serial murderer Frederick Bailey Deeming – but during Australia’s gold rush when things really began to get heated with some of the most horrific crimes ever perpetrated on Australian soil.

By the time it finally closed in 1929, 136 prisoners had been hanged within its walls – both men and women. Luckily, after its closure the building was transformed into a museum; today it offers visitors an eerie yet fascinating visit.

Visitors can explore the original cells of the building, which feature their victims’ death masks as decor. Alongside the personal belongings of convicts and newspaper headlines describing their crimes are these chilling masks; many were even used for phrenological studies on how a person’s skull shape could determine personality traits like criminal tendencies.

The Museum is open daily, and admission costs vary based on which activities you want to enjoy. Special night tours such as Hangman’s Night Tour or Ghost Night Tour provide more eerie experiences – they will take you through some of the haunted areas of the jail while unveiling its dark past and showing you its spirits!

3. Fremantle Arts Centre

Australia may be well known for its stunning coastal views, relaxed surf culture, and exotic wildlife, but there’s more to Australia than meets the eye. From abandoned asylums and quarantine stations to mysterious watering holes with ghostly presences – here are 10 of Australia’s creepiest places.

Coburg’s Pentridge Prison boasts a dark past involving the execution of 133 individuals by hanging; take a nighttime tour to learn all about it!

Just the sight of these haunted psychiatric hospital ruins can send chills down your spine, but what happened inside is even scarier. The hospital was home to criminals and rogues alike – so much so that its reputation is so terrible today; over 12 souls are thought to haunt its grounds today if you dare stay overnight in one of its creepy cells!

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If you’re up for an intense scare, Wakehurst Parkway in Sydney could provide it! As legend has it, driving down this route at night will bring forth Kelly’s ghost – who if ignored will supposedly enter your vehicle and steer it off course into certain death!

Though it might look like an overpowering 1950s power station piled onto Western Australia’s coast, this brutalist masterpiece was actually constructed in 1867 as a women’s lunatic asylum. Over time it has served as a technical school, US Navy submarine base, and maritime museum — but its previous purpose as a mental institution makes this building particularly disturbing.

4. Port Arthur

Australia is home to many peculiar and unexplained happenings. From hospitals and asylums to roadsides and private residences, Australia holds many mysteries for you to uncover.

Tasmania’s historic prison Port Arthur is perhaps one of the most well-known haunted sites in Australia. Once home to thousands of convicts who tragically perished at its colony due to harsh living conditions and manual labor resulting in health issues or even death; to try and reform them authorities at Port Arthur instituted religious studies as part of a reform effort and provided beautiful gardens and buildings that showcased qualities essential to living in society.

Ghost tours at the former prison grounds have become increasingly popular over time, offering visitors an immersive ghost experience by lantern light at night and listening to tales of ghostly activity such as that of the “Blue Lady.” She has been seen roaming its halls dressed in blue.

Coober Pedy offers another creepy and mysterious destination in Australia with its unsettling rocky landscape. Home to 80% of the world’s opal deposits, this underground mining town is said to still have ghostly miners roaming about and Karlu Karlu rock formations are believed to be haunted by Aboriginal spirits who once called this desert home.

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5. Babinda Boulders

On the outskirts of northern Queensland town, Babinda lies an exquisite rainforest park where an inviting creek flows past granite boulders, providing refreshingly cool water even during hot Queensland summers, making rock formations and rock photo op opportunities, and one of the best mysterious places in Australia. But this area also bears witness to a chilling local legend known as Devil’s Pool which can make swimming here an unnerving experience.

Since 1959, this dangerous yet beautiful swimming spot has taken the lives of at least 17 individuals (mostly young male travelers) due to the strong currents present here. An ancient Aboriginal legend describes a young woman who killed herself after becoming separated from her lover; according to this legend, she haunts the area and tempts unsuspecting men into its waters with seductive lure.

Swimming areas must be kept fenced off for obvious safety reasons and visitors must not venture in. Yet despite this warning, hikers and backpackers from across Australia continue to explore it every year, even well-known Australian television crews being captured exploring it at night with one host remarking that ghosts of the dead “are always present”.

Locals and tourists alike visit this area as a popular leisure spot, ranging from relaxing in the pool to hiking around boulders or walking along its edge, which often boasts lush tropical vegetation. Mount Bartle Frere, Queensland’s tallest mountain can be seen towering majestically behind this scene of beauty; book one of our small-group adventures today if you wish to witness this captivating site first-hand – just remember to stay safe by following all marked railings during your adventure experience!