Theaters and Museums in Norway

Norway boasts an array of theaters that provide moviegoers with an exceptional movie-going experience, from drama to comedy films that tell unique and captivating stories.

Filmmakers frequently feature realistic and complex characters from real life who reflect real experiences and relationships. Furthermore, Norway’s breathtaking scenery can often be found within many films.


Cinemas in Norway provide an ideal place to view the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Most are clean and well-lit with comfortable seating and plenty of brochures to pass the time while waiting for your movie. Cinemas also make an excellent meeting spot where friends and family can come together for social outings.

Norwegian films are frequently showcased at international film festivals and have earned nominations and Oscar wins. Norway boasts several internationally-renowned directors such as Torill Kove and Joachim Trier; furthermore, many major Norwegian cities feature independent cinemas; Oslo boasts the largest theater complex in Northern Europe with six main theaters housing over 200 screens!

Colosseum Kino in Majorstua is known for its large spherical dome and boasts the world’s largest THX cinema with 2,100 seats. Built in 1921 and currently owned by Oslo city hall.

Norwegian cinemas typically provide a selection of new releases, both local and foreign, along with classic films like Kon-Tiki – the true tale of Thor Heyerdahl’s journey across the Pacific on an outrigger canoe – as well as Morten Tyldum’s Buddy (a drama about two young writers struggling with their first manuscripts).

Norwegian cinemas typically provide subtitles in English; some may offer dubbed versions, as well. Most viewers with sufficient English abilities should enjoy watching a film without issue; if subtitles pose any difficulty for you however, it might be best to select the dubbed version if possible.

Film&Kino has reported that cinema admissions have seen an upswing despite the coronavirus lockdown, with admissions in the first five months of 2023 higher than last year but far below pre-Covid levels of 10 million admissions; nevertheless, they remain hopeful for Norway’s film industry’s future.

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Norway has a rich theatre history dating back to Viking times when evidence of theatrical performances were seen, although their date cannot be determined with certainty. By the 17th and 18th centuries, amateur dramatic societies flourished, performing religious dramas at church services and festivals, before popular touring companies from Germany (later Denmark) brought home-grown theatres into being. Bernt Anker (1746-1805) founded Det Dramatiske Selskap (The Dramatic Society) while permanent playhouses first emerged in Bergen in the 18th century.

Today, Norway boasts many different theatres that cater to various audiences and run by diverse groups of individuals. Some theatres receive financial aid from government grants while others rely on ticket sales revenue as their main source of funding. Of all these establishments, one of the most famous venues is Norway’s National Theatre located in Oslo.

Norway is home to many performing arts schools that produce talented graduates who go on to work on Broadway and other international stages – Norwegian Theatre Academy is just such an institution, offering unique education in theatre arts.

Curriculum at this academy centers around theatre practice and its relationship to society, with emphasis placed on both theater as a cultural institution as well as performance art and its social significance, visual art, and the relationship between visual art and theatre. Furthermore, students at this academy learn to be sensitive to cultural differences while working as artists, teachers, or scenographers.

The Norwegian Theatre Association (Norsk teater-og orkesterforening – NTO) is an employers and industry association that represents 51 cultural organizations involved with professional performing arts. Members include theatres, dance theatres, opera houses, concert halls and orchestras. NTO strives to increase Norwegian theatre’s value and status through organizing conferences, workshops and meetings throughout the year.

NTO established Heddaprisen (Hedda Awards), named after Henrik Ibsen’s heroine Hedda, in 1989 to honor Norwegian theatre at its best. These prizes are annually given out at one of NTO’s member theatres.

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Concert Halls

Oslo offers live music venues of every variety: sweaty rock bars and chic techno clubs to large music arenas and elaborate opera theatres. There are even venues dedicated specifically to classical, jazz, or blues genres!

For big-name entertainment, Oslo Spektrum Arena is your destination. This massive venue hosts concerts from Norwegian and international acts alike and features multiple seating options for your comfort. Enjoy everything from pop and rock bands to orchestra performances at this massive arena!

Grieghallen is one of Oslo’s premier concert halls and was originally home to celebrated composer Edvard Grieg before it transformed into a cultural centre with venues suitable for everything from concerts and performances to exhibitions and exhibitions. Thanks to its versatile nature, there’s always something exciting going on here, making it easy for visitors to get there easily.

The Rockefeller has been offering musical entertainment since 1986 and is widely known for attracting top performers, especially rock and pop genres – its two specialities. However, the venue also hosts concerts every night of the week! Check their schedule of upcoming events!

Herr Nilsen offers an intimate evening of jazz and blues that’s great for casual listening, making it one of the cornerstones of the local scene for over 25 years. Drop by anytime but it is best to arrive early if you want a seat close to the stage. While not renowned for opulent decor, its intimate vibe keeps guests returning, while local talent on their way up can often be found here too. An easy way to discover new music can be Songkick which shows all upcoming events at all of its top venues while free registration allows users access directly. Ticket purchases can even be done right from their phones!

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Oslo, the capital city of Norway, boasts an array of museums that cover a variety of subjects – spanning art to natural history – with something for every interest imaginable here. Additionally, these institutions provide an ideal way to gain more insight into Norway’s culture and history – many are even within walking distance so visitors can easily hop between museums.

The National Museum is home to art from Norway and beyond, specializing in Edvard Munch paintings such as his iconic The Scream. Additionally, there is a significant amount of Norwegian Modernist movement art exhibited here by artists like Adolph Tidemand and Hans Gude.

Nordic Folk Museum is another museum worth seeing, housed in an attractive old manor. Here you can get a real insight into traditional Norwegian life, with displays featuring farm animals, clothing, and household items from throughout history. Additionally, this museum also boasts children’s activities rooms and fairytale rooms designed to spark children’s imagination.

Are you curious to gain more insight into America’s military past? Visit the Armed Forces Museum. It provides an in-depth view, from neutrality during World War II up until our involvement in NATO and other international organizations today, plus features an impressive collection of military equipment.

Oslo offers several amazing museums dedicated to music and cinema. The Museum of Modern Art hosts exhibitions by both contemporary and modernist artists; additionally it boasts an incredible sculpture collection as well as photography pieces – making this museum an absolute must for those with an interest in art!

Or visit the Kistefos Museum of Natural History to gain more knowledge about its natural environment and history. Although open for only limited times per year, this museum’s trip will more than pay off; located just outside the city center it includes nature park, sculpture park, permanent exhibitions as well as temporary exhibits.