Top 7 Historical Monuments in Sweden

Besides the beautiful landscape of Sweden, there are also many historical monuments to visit and explore. Some of these are the Oresund Bridge, Gotaplatsen, Vaxjo Domkyrka, Riddarholmen Church, Skansen Kronan and the Hallwyl Museum.

Skansen Kronan

Located in the Haga district of Gothenburg, Sweden, the Skansen Kronan fortress is a historic fortress built during the seventeenth century. The fort was built in 1697 to protect Gothenburg against Danish attacks from the south. It was designed by Erik Dahlberg.

The fort has an octagonal ground plan and a tower that is shaped like a crown. The tower has four storeys, and it is built of fieldstone and granite. The top features a wooden crown.

The tower is surrounded by the Skansen Kronan park. In 1912, the park was renovated and new paths were laid. The park is used by both Gothenburgers and tourists for picnics and walks. It has a cafe that serves Swedish coffee.

Gripsholm Castle

Located on the shores of Lake Malaren, in Sodermanland, Sweden, Gripsholm Castle has an impressive history of almost five centuries. The building is considered one of Sweden’s most important historical monuments.

Gripsholm Castle was the first Renaissance castle to be built in Sweden. It was commissioned by King Gustav Vasa in the mid-1540s. It is one of the oldest castles in the country and is still the royal residence of the Swedish monarchy today.

Gripsholm Castle is a national monument in Sweden. The castle is also the home of Sweden’s National Portrait Gallery. This gallery houses more than 4500 portraits of prominent Swedish personalities.

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Vaxjo Domkyrka

Founded by Saint Sigfrid, Vaxjo Domkyrka was the first episcopal see in Sweden. It is located in Vaxjo, Kronoberg county, in south Sweden. The cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Vaxjo within the Church of Sweden.

The church was first built as a small wooden structure in the 11th century, but it was later replaced with a large, round stone church. Several times the church has been destroyed, but the relics of the saint and his three nephews are kept here to this day.

Vaxjo is a small city in Kronoberg county, south Sweden. The diocese of Vaxjo covers the island of Oland, as well as most of Smaland. There are several medieval churches located in the area. These churches are often called “barefoot churches” because they were built without a base.

Oresund Bridge

Located somewhere in Sweden, the Oresund Bridge is one of the world’s most acclaimed bridges. It is built to connect Copenhagen and Malmo. It is an important part of the region’s economy, enabling commuters to travel between the two sides of the Oresund.

The bridge was built as a result of an agreement between the Danish and Swedish governments. The two countries had been exploring the possibility of linking their sides of the Oresund since 1953. In 1991, the two countries’ parliaments agreed to build a bridge. It was completed six months ahead of schedule. It is one of the biggest combined road and rail bridges in Europe.

Hallwyl Museum

Located in central Stockholm, Sweden, the Hallwyl Museum is one of the national historical museums. It is home to the largest assemblage of antique furniture, porcelain, and other works of art in Sweden. It opened to the public in 1938.

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The museum is also home to a collection of paintings by prominent artists of the 16th and 17th centuries. Several hundred works of art are in the museum’s collection. The museum is also a repository of personal belongings of the von Hallwyl family.

The museum is also a place to learn about early twentieth century Stockholm society. There is also a guided tour of the museum.


Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, Gotaplatsen is a historic public square that is home to the City Library, Concert Hall and Gothenburg Museum of Art. It is also home to a number of fairs and festivals, and is one of the most visited attractions in Gothenburg.

Located near the quay, the Volvo Museum is the home of the Swedish automotive brand. It has an impressive collection of concept cars, cars from the company’s past and future models, and exhibits related to the Volvo Ocean Race.

Masthugg church is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks. Located on Masthugg hill, the church is designed in the Nordic Romantic style. The interior of the church can hold up to 1,000 worshippers. The church’s tower rises 60 meters high.

Riddarholmen Church

Founded in the late 13th century, Riddarholm Church is an important historical monument in Sweden. Originally a monastery, it is now a Lutheran church that is used for commemorative purposes. It is located on the islet of Riddarholmen in the central part of Stockholm. It is the burial church for the Swedish royal family.

Riddarholmen Church was the burial place for several medieval kings, including Birger Jarl and Magnus Ladulas. A few other Swedish monarchs were buried in the church, such as Karl Knutsson Bonde and Gustavus Adolphus the Great.

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The church is not a parish church. It is maintained by the Office of Marshal of the Realm. It is closed in winter and is open to the public only during the summer months. The church is open to groups for guided tours for a fee. Guided tours take 45 minutes and are available daily in English during the open months.