Top 8 Divine Churches In Pondicherry You Must See

Top 8 Divine Churches In Pondicherry You Must See

Pondicherry the capital of the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry is a beautiful small town that fascinates tourists from all over the world. The town has a laid-back charm and is filled with hidden gems, architectural monuments, churches, and temples. Known as the Europe of India, Pondicherry, is a melting pot of various styles, predominantly authentic Indian and French. Since it was a French colonial settlement up until 1954, Pondicherry reveals its colonial heritage through the many churches that can be found in the town. The churches in Pondicherry are arguably the town’s most beautiful attractions. They are architectural marvels that transport you to a different era, an era that grandeur was overly present in architectural structures and designs.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Constructed by French missionaries in the 18th century, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Gothic masterpiece that depicts Christ’s life on its spectacular glass panels. The church’s beautiful façade is a vision of Gothic architecture that many tourists want to witness.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a landmark of the town of Pondicherry and shouldn’t miss from your itinerary.

St Andrew’s Church

Another notable Gothic landmark in Pondicherry is Pondicherry. This church was constructed in 1745 and is one of the oldest churches in town. The church is under Catholic denomination and holds mass every day.  At the entrance of the vestry, it is located a grotto of St Andrews tourists can also visit. Every day, its grandiose design attracts tourists who want to admire its sheer beauty.

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Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral is beautiful from the outside but absolutely breathtaking when you step inside. The cathedral built-in 1791 is the mother church for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Pondicherry and Cuddalore and is situated nearby the Archbishop’s House.

Our Lady of Assumption Church

Our Lady of Assumption or Punidha Vinnearpu Annai Aalayam as locals call it is over is a church with an outstanding collection of statues. The chapel’s foundation was laid in 1750 and soon turned into a beautiful small building. Sadly, the chapel was completely destroyed by the floods in 1840. The construction of the present church started in 1841. From then until the church provided various religious services. It still does if you’re interested.

The Church of Lady of Lourdes

The locals know it by the name Villianoor Thuya Loordhu Annai Thiruthalam. If you visited the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in France, you will recognize the original style in this beautiful replica. The church is one of the most beautiful catholic churches in town and you should definitely pay a visit too. Besides the beautiful architecture, you’ll get the chance to admire the statue of Notre-Dame that was gifted to the churchy the French Government.

Our Lady of Angels Church

The original structure was built in 1855 but it was renovated and upgraded many times. The original design of the church had two clock pillars that struck every two hours. They also sang Ave Maria. Sadly, the clock pillars are not functional but you can still admire their beauty. Also known as Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges, the church has an old charm that captivates the eye.

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Church of Our Lady of Good Health

The Church of Our Lady of Good Health has unmatched interiors that are surrounded by rounded archways. Being the oldest church in the area, expect to see tourists there when visiting. However, you shouldn’t skip it since it is an architectural masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture.

St John’s Church

The rich history of St John’s Church has a unique architectural style that captivates its visitors. The church was built in the 18th century and is an Anglican property.