What can you expect on your river rafting trip on the Ohio River?

River rafting on the Ohio River is an exciting and fun-filled adventure, especially for water enthusiasts. It is an experience that is ideal for thrill seekers as it leaves them with a feeling of excitement, thrill, and a bit of anticipation.

If this is your first time rafting on the Ohio River, you may want to consider the following pointers before heading out on your first river rafting adventure:

You will get wet!

River rafting isn’t a simple cruise down the river. It is filled with dramatic twists and turns which can shower you with occasional spurts of water. All you can do to prepare yourself is to dress appropriately and expect to get wet. If you are rafting during the summer, wear a bathing suit, strappy eye glasses, river shoes or neoprene booties, and lots of sun block. If you are river rafting during the winter, wear paddling pants, polypropylene long underwear, a dry and wet suit, and neoprene gloves and booties.

You will get cold during the trip.

River rafting, whether in the spring, summer, or cooler months can be a cold experience. During the warmer months, you can expect to face water from deep reservoirs or from a snow melt. You can also face air from the mountains that whips down the slopes onto river beds. Generally, experienced rafters will recommend wearing wetsuits to combat cool temperatures. These can be usually rented from the rafting company. Wearing a bathing suit is just fine but consult with the rafting guide and or company before heading out on the trip. Don’t forget to wear protective footwear.

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You will receive river rafting training.

It is the responsibility of the rafting outfitter to provide you with adequate training before heading out on the river. It is in the best interest of everyone that everything from unloading the gear to rafting down the river is a fun and safe experience for everyone. This requires training and it the outfitter’s responsibility to conduct the session.

You might not be able to bring anything on the trip.

Rafts usually have limited space. So there’s enough room on there for a few people, including a first-aid kit and perhaps a small cooler. Don’t even think about placing something on the floor as it will most likely fall out as the raft goes through waves. The raft may quite possibly flip over. You can always put small items inside your lifejacket, windbreaker, or paddling jacket.

You may have to go on a long ride.

Most rivers are located in densely wooded areas with limited road access. You can expect a long car or bus ride, accompanied by a decent trek into the wilderness. Don’t forget the amount of time it may take to get in and out of the river itself! To make things easier on you, go to the bathroom before boarding the bus or car. Take minimal drinks.

Rafting on the Ohio River is a life changing experience!