What You Need To Know About The Zambia Side Of Victoria Falls – Livingstone

When talking about Victoria Falls we usually think about the world renowned waterfall and the city that is on the Zimbabwe side. Livingstone is the name of the city that you want to visit in Zambia in the event that you want to see the waterfall. The city is also known under the name Maramba and it was Zambia’s capital before the official move to Lusaka.


Victoria Falls – Livingstone
By Gary Bembridge under CC BY 2.0


Getting In

  • By plane – flights arrive every single day in Livingstone Airport, usually from Johannesburg.
  • By train – although not many trains exist, 2 weekly ones can be taken through Lusaka from Kitwe.
  • By bus – there are some luxury busses that are available, they are not expensive but you might want to consider other options for more available transport features as distances covered are high.
  • By car – roads are among the best that the country has to offer, no matter where you come from but remember that you need permits in order to drive in the country.
  • By taxi – when coming from the city of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the border can be crossed by foot but taxi services will be necessary. However, they only cost 10 dollars.

What Should You See?

  • Victoria Falls Park

This is definitely the main attraction that you want to consider while in Livingstone. The falls are tremendous. It is enough to say that this waterfall is taller than Niagara Falls, two times taller. The falls are spectacular and a visit in the area without a visit to the falls is something that should not even be considered.

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This park is very well designed and the visitors will be able to experience something highly entertaining. You can rent out wet weather gear if it is necessary and as an inside recommendation: walk upriver first as you will love it more. Also, make sure that you protect your camera from all the water and be prepared to pay an admission fee.

  • Livingstone Musem

You pay 5 dollars to enter and it is definitely worth it.


What Can You Do?


Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa.
By Joe Ross under CC BY-SA 2.0


Adventure Activities:

  • Body Boarding And White Water Rafting – you can experience different class of rapids and the entire experience will be perfect for adventure lovers.
  • Bungee Jumping – this is possible from the bridge that connects Zimbabwe to Zambia.
  • Livingstone Island Trips – the costs are of around $70 but that also includes breakfast.
  • Zambezi Swings
  • Helicopter pleasure flights – offered by United Air Charters and Batoka Sky
  • Microflight rides
  • Sunset booze cruises
  • Jet Extreme
  • LiPAF – Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation
  • African Queen Safari
  • Visit one of the different National Parks in the area


Bungee Jumper from Victoria Falls Bridge
By Tee La Rosa under CC BY-ND 2.0



Livingstone is safe and there is a high focus put on keeping travelers safe. Even so, it is smart to be careful when you walk at night through the downtown area. That is especially true if you had some dinks. Not many street lights exist and a lot of the locals there are highly poor. Make sure that you do not annoy taxi drivers and walking is usually not a good idea.